Navigate the city in style with “My little guide to Budapest”


5/23/2016 11:49 AM

Like a treasure map for both the major monuments and hidden hangouts of the Magyar metropolis, a new resource presents useful information about Budapest with fresh design, showing the city’s highlights on a single sheet of paper while providing a plan for those who only have a short amount of time to discover all the wonders that Hungary’s capital has to offer. “My little guide to Budapest” is a guide and a great souvenir in one: when the journey is over, we can hang it on our wall, as its fun design makes it a nice conversation piece and a daily reminder of a great trip.

Photo: The Spoiled Queen

The stylish and chic Budapest
city map
published by
could be a great gift for those who travel to Budapest, and it can also help visitors explore unfamiliar, unique, and exciting parks, streets, and places in the city. The print leads the way on both sides

of an A3-sized eco-friendly sheet of paper. The map on the back, titled “My beautiful day!”, marks places with orange-colored dots for those who only have a short

time to discover the city – everyone can find the perfect way of spending a productive day in Budapest with the help of this map. Besides breakfast spots, hidden side streets, and green parks, the map also shows places for finishing the day, and to end the night.

Photo: The Spoiled Queen

The map is available at several

Budapest locales, including Rododendron

Art&Design Shop
, Paloma, Naspolya Nassolda, Lollipop Factory Budapest, and Bite Sized Budapest. And, we’re glad to see


My little guide to Budapest” is labeled as “volume 1”, so we look forward to seeing future editions to



discover exciting venues, wine and cocktail bars, clubs, design and fashion stores, restaurants, bistros, and much more.

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