Budapest in Blue: new artworks portray shades of city scenery


5/12/2016 12:46 PM

The sun shining above the Citadel, a plane passing over Elizabeth Bridge, sunlight creating silhouettes on Fishermen’s Bastion – these are all familiar-yet-stunning scenes in the life of Budapest that can make even the busiest resident of the Magyar metropolis stop for a moment to savor the beauty of our urban jungle. Born and based in Budapest, graphic designer Balázs Márk Molnár captured these moments with a new series of stunning artworks that portray the interplay of light and shadow in Hungary’s capital through magnificently monotone imagery.

Budapest inspired the blue-and-gray-toned series of graphic designer Balázs Márk Molnár. The artist captured Instagram-worthy moments and sights from around the Magyar metropolis, as these Budapest scenes are photographed by hundreds of urban dwellers each day. The Citadel, Elizabeth Bridge, and even the city’s distinctive sewer covers are displayed on these designs, but the artist also placed his works into stylish home interiors. Below we present some of the highlights of this series, while other works of Balázs Márk Molnár can be seen here.

The beauty and everyday life of the Magyar metropolis has inspired artists before, and this trend surely will continue in the future. From blueprint-like pink-and-white drawings of monumental Budapest landmarks like the Parliament, to unique font families that drew inspiration from metropolitan buildings, the creative minds of the capital keep capturing the essence of the city through fascinating works of art. In a previous article we collected some great designs from last year, and it looks like 2016 will be just as rewarding in terms of Budapest-inspired artworks.

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