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Veggie burgers are huge and hearty at Budapest’s new Vegan Love


  • Dezse Balázs

12/04/2016 3.51pm

It’s safe to say that these days, there is nothing new in Budapest when it comes to hamburgers, but vegans still have only a few places to go if they’re craving this classic American street food. Although some promising veggie-burger options popped up over recent years, it seems that the real meat-breaker is now here thanks to the crew behind Magic Burger. At Vegan Love, nothing contains animal products – and we were amongst the first visitors to try it.

Vegan Love, the newest burger joint of the Magic Burger crew, is found in District XI on Bartók Béla Avenue, and it’s 100% vegan friendly. Although Budapest had other street-food places in the past that came close to it, this new eatery seems to be the first such venue that takes animal-product-free burgers to a new level.

Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest

Apart from the six different burgers, you can also have vegan hot dogs, or salads and pita sandwiches that customers get to create themselves at the salad bar.

But let’s get back to the burgers: the BBQ tofuburger is made with aged and smoked tofu steak marinated in barbecue sauce, and topped with smoked “cheese”, baby spinach, and served on a roll made with pumpkin seeds; the sweet-potato burger has roasted zucchini, beetroot-flavored horseradish cream, radish sprouts, cheddar “cheese”, and lettuce; or try the lentil burger with curry, containing a coriander-flavored lentil patty, olive-flavored “cheese”, eggplant stew with sesame seeds, and “yogurt” sauce.

Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest

Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest

We tasted a quinoa burger with shiitake mushrooms, made up of a quinoa patty with shiitake mushroom, chive-flavored “cream cheese”, chickpeas, wasabi-flavored coleslaw, mung bean sprouts, and fresh lettuce. After that, we had a Vegan Dog that came in a spelt crescent roll with soy sausage and onion. We found that both were served in an impressive portion, and were well-thought-out – all of the important aims were accomplished. Still, the taste and the character of the soy sauce can be strange for some.

Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest

Soon, Vegan Love will also offer the organic, raw, vegan artisanal “cheeses” of Say Cheez.

Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest

The place opened very recently (until now, only friends of the owners could have a taste), and most of the dishes cost around 2,000 forints. Of course, the menu can change according to the wishes of the guests.

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