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See sketches of Budapest life by Magyar artist András Szoboszlay


  • Urbán Cintia

24/03/2016 3.13pm

With a timeless style that feels classic and contemporary at the same time, the illustrations of András Szoboszlay portray modern everyday moments around Budapest, like couples at DiVino, HÉV passengers on a lazy Sunday, and young people chilling at Massolit. His works are not overly detailed, but truly reflect the moment of their drawing, making them exciting and exceptionally honest. This is the goal of the artist: he observes various images of life in Budapest as a detached witness, and draws these moments into his black-hardcover sketchbook – and does so rather skillfully, might we add.

The Budapest-based artist works with a combo of paper and dip pen, and has been bringing his black sketchbook everywhere he goes for years, scribbling down a sketch or two every day. András told us that even though he had worked in illustration before and lived in the city for a while, his real love for Budapest was ignited when he moved to Dob Street two years ago. He grew fond of taking long walks around downtown, and enjoys hanging out at Massolit Books & Café, which is often captured in his drawings) – the bookshop has inspired so many of his works that there will even be an exhibit of drawings that he created there.

Many places and scenes might look familiar in these drawings, since they all show situations around Budapest that we could easily find ourselves in – hang out long enough in the city, and you might even find yourself in one of the illustrations someday. Our personal favorites are the drawings of Pékery and Zoska, although we appreciate how all of András’s works immortalize our current era of Budapest history. We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves – after noting that these artworks are available to purchase as bookmarks, postcards, or posters at various design fairs, and through the artist’s webshop.
Szoboszlay András’s sketches

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