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Have a cup of healthy vitality at Budapest’s DXN Coffee


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3/23/2016 12:01 PM

We arrived at DXN Coffee at Oktogon with little to no knowledge about medicinal herbs – we mainly wanted to taste their ganoderma lucidum coffee without any prejudices, and ask for information afterwards. By the time we went through both phases of this test, we already knew that the caffeinated brew is not only delicious, but also has a detoxifying and alkalizing effect, so we don’t have to fear acid reflux. What’s more, the café also offers seven different kinds of alternative milks, flavored waters, and paleo cakes, with lactose- and gluten-free ice cream coming this summer.

A vibrant hue of green and the slogan “because coffee can be healthy” indicates the entrance of DXN Coffee on the Grand Boulevard. After stepping in, we might be confused by the area we enter, which looks nothing like a café – however, we just need to turn left to arrive at the room nicknamed “home”, with armchairs, shelves, TV, and tulips, or stay at the counter to asses the café’s fairly large selection.

Photo: Juhász Norbert - We Love Budapest

First of all, we got comfortable and looked through the drink menu. We ordered a Mozart Latte (750 HUF) and a cappuccino (690 HUF) made with lactose-free milk, which arrived at our table neatly and foamy. After fighting through the milk froth, we took a small, cautious sip – just to find that there’s no need to be careful, since the coffee is very tasty, and comes in sizes larger than usual. Naturally, this is intentional: at DXN Coffee, small sizes have 2-3 deciliters, while large sizes contain 4-5 deciliters of beverage.

Photo: Juhász Norbert - We Love Budapest

The Arabica coffee is from Malaysia, with the ganoderma lucidum extract already mixed into it. This medicinal herb is a strong antioxidant, thus providing a detoxifying effect, and blended with coffee, it produces further beneficial effects in the body. However, we leave the explanation of details to the café’s professionals, from whom we can also purchase these products.

Photo: Juhász Norbert - We Love Budapest

We can order our coffee with special syrups or just black, but we can even steer clear from it completely. After all, the café’s selection features many other exciting drinks, as well, like hibiscus lemonade, chai latte, herbal tea, or the iced smoothie made with blue algae (spirulina). We also loved the bottled fruit-infused waters (390 HUF) and the fact that almond, rice, and other alternative milks are provided without an extra fee.

Photo: Juhász Norbert - We Love Budapest

The cake selection couldn’t be described as anything but healthy, either, with paleo goodies lining up in the counter. Their most popular cake is the somlói slice (690 HUF), but the cheese-free raspberry cheesecake (690 HUF) or raw vegan cake (650 HUF) are also perfect for some guilt-free snacking. In addition to these, we can also eat whole-wheat croissants, fruit salads, and sandwiches (490 HUF).On another note, DXN Coffee also operates as a “free charging station” – that is, if your phone is about to run out of battery power, you can drop by and charge it for free. And while you’re there, why not stay for a while and savor a healthy lifestyle?

Address: 1066 Budapest, 8 Teréz Boulevard

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