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Budapest Weekend Guide: July 1-3

Our weekly roundup for the upcoming weekend offers plenty of suggestions for where to go, what to do, and who must not be missed during the next three days. There are always so many happenings to choose from in Budapest – exhibitions, markets, live music, festivals, performances, and more – but here is our pick of the bunch for the imminent 72 hours or so:


2pm - : Rooftop Challenge Weekend at 360 Bar, Liebling, Gozsdu Sky Terrace, and Corvin Club

Beginning on the first day of July, 360 Bar challenges the other major Budapestian rooftop bars (Liebling, Gozsdu Sky Terrace, and Corvin Club) to decide once and for all, which one of them is the best. During the weekend, visit all the participating venues, cast your vote (for which you’ll get a welcome drink!), and enjoy your stay. You decide which rooftop bar is the best! 5pm - 10pm: Friday at A38 ShipSince the first Fields Of Joy party took place at the Garacsi Lake, we know that there isn’t a better soundtrack for open-air parties than drum ’n’ bass. The DJs of Bladerunnaz are the Hungarian ambassadors of the genre, so if you combine them, the bow terrace of the A38 Ship with its beautiful panorama, and cocktail discounts, you get the most uplifting weekend-starter gathering. Friday never disappoints in terms of bringing the best liquid rollers and the buy-one-get-two Mojitos for those who got a bit tired by the end of the weekday.

6pm - 5am:

Lighthouse – LavaLava
at PONTOONLavaLava has been a steady point in the ever-changing world of the Budapestian nightlife, bringing massive house and techno vibes to the capital. During summertime, they take over the decks of PONTOON for one night every month – starting in July. Ice-cold fröccs, summer jams, barefoot DJs, great mixing, and all of it under the stars? Let’s meet there!
7pm - 10pm:

Deaf Paintings x Naughty by picture x MeetLab
at Meet Lab So there is a picture. You write and/or draw your impressions around it. So do the others.

Then the organizers take off the picture and someone who hasn’t seen the original one going to draw/paint back through your ideas. After it, you can check each others’. Sounds like fun to us!
11pm - 6am: Astronautmusic Presents Moonbotica at Corvin ClubAs a DJ and production team, Moonbotica has represented maximum torsion since 1999. But endurance is merely one of the Hanseatic duo’s most distinguished qualities. Together they represent a bulwark against inconstancy, and are nevertheless always ready to smash borders – including their own. There are two of them, after all. A two-headed unity is Moonbotica, and what it’s all about, is double-loaded, twice as focused, twice as big. The double greatest. Even when Kowe Six or Tobi Tobsen should tread the boards alone, the format remains the same. Each of them is double MOONBOOTICA. And vice versa. As the classic Funkadelic lesson succinctly stated, “Free your ass and your mind will follow.”Saturday

10am - 10pm: CityMatiné S05e04 at NapozóIf you are not familiar with CityMatiné, you might have spent your summers somewhere else. This is not only because it’s been more than five years since they first organized an open-air gathering, but because they never settled for anything except good music, good vibrations, and good barbecue. But what hasn’t changed is the triumvirate of Captain Knuckles-Sobek-Monolit, and their mix of endorfintechno and hedonist house, plus the ever-smiling regulars, who return from matinée to matinée – and this time, to Napozó.
10am - 2am: Pool&Beer Presents Rone at Vituki SpaIce-cold fröccs, thermal water, sauna, hamburgers, all kinds of beers on tap, and of course, music from dawn to dusk – what else do you need for a memorable open-air sparty? According to the organizers of POOL&BEER, nothing, so at least once in a month, they fill up the Vituki Spa with the aforementioned elements. If you’ve ever dived into a pool while the DJ plays the kind of music that makes palm trees grow on Kvassay Jenő Street, you know that the concept is a real summer jam... but if you haven’t done it yet, mark the second day of July in your calendar with a rubber duck – because on that day, one of the most acclaimed young French musicians on the electronic scene, Rone, will join the parade.
3pm - :

Budapest Pride March
beginning at Budapest1062, Andrássy Avenue 132This year, the organizers of Budapest Pride asked LGBTQ people to fill in a questionnaire to let them know what is important for them. The answers of thousands of people show that the community is outraged by the exclusionary political discourse, and they wish to act against the narrow notion of family and marriage. If you agree with them and wish to express what is important for you (in Hungarian with #nekedmiafontos), join the Budapest Pride March on July 2nd.
7pm - 9pm: Recirquel Contemporary Circus Company – Night Circus at MüPa - Palace Of ArtsSet among the ten-meter-high slowly crumbling firewalls of Budapest, the troupe’s artists embark on a shared journey around the hidden depths of their own personalities, while seeking to fulfil their unattainable desire to fly. In accordance with the philosophy of the genre, the creators do not tell a linear story. Eternal symbols of prehistoric times and representations of well-known fairy tales and mythical situations help the audience feel at ease in a world that is trying to engage its emotions rather than its reason.
8pm - : Old Soul, ████, Pepi Rössler, Libido Wins at AuróraOld Soul is a black-metal/screamo band from Michigan, and ████ (pronounced: we don’t have a name) is a similarly styled, but post-everything, band from Pilsen. The latter sounds like Deafheaven, playing an artistifically blackened version of screamo, while Old Soul combines harsh screaming vocals with a breakneck drum pace and the never-ending ebbing and flowing of guitar riffs, plus the feedback. Before them, two Hungarian bands, Pepi Rössler and Libido Wins, will play.Sunday

6am - 2pm:
Contra Mundum Afterhours – Terrace Edition
at Corvin Club Budapest never sleeps – not even after a whole night spent partying. That’s why Afterhours came to life: to help you get your extra dose of electronic music on the last day of the week, beginning at 6am. This time, the DJs (Polarize, Forsek, David Mole,

Po:ti) will spend only a short time banging in the black halls of Corvin Club, and then move to its rooftop terrace to chill out with the like-minded partygoers.

3pm - 6pm: FessNeki at Akvárium Paint like your favorite famous painter, like Van Gogh, Klimt, or Monet, and discover the creativity inherent in you! The FessNeki team is putting on a special summer event. FessNeki is about having fun and freely creating art as a member of a community. Why not organize a special date or meet some new people, since there’s no way you can ruin your painting?

What’s even better is that you need no previous training or skill to accomplish this. Come and experience this great event and become an accomplished painter!
Don’t forget to register!
7pm - 11pm: Torso, Litovsk, Karak, Contra at DRRPNC Torso is a d-beat hardcore band from California that rips and thrashes as they play their brand of in-your-face hardcore at a speed that breaks necks and knocks some sense into your skull.
Litovsk is a gloomy and dark post-punk band that sounds as if they practice in a loft in Portland. Karak is an ultra-fast grindcore unit, which doesn’t bite. Contra plays hardcore like it’s ’86 again. Norms is an anti-rockandroll punk band.

8pm - :
Stanley Jordan feat. Alegre Correa, Horváth Kornél & Dörnyei Gábor
at Margitsziget Open Air StageA member of the great American guitar generation of the ’80s, Stanley Jordan, the jazz guitarist famous for his special tapping technique, will visit Hungary for the first time and will perform a large-scale concert on Margaret Island with national and international musical stars. During this special evening, Stanley Jordan will be accompanied by the music of excellent guitarist-singer Alegre Corrêa, and the internationally renowned percussion-artist duo Kornél Horváth and Gábor Dörnyei create exceptional music world. The way in which the never-before-heard formation of talented musicians play their instruments will reach unparalleled dimensions.

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