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Raktár Beach is a new Budapest hotspot for summer days and nights

Although Raktár Beach only opened in recent weeks, half of the city already has weekend plans here - at least the half that likes the Raktár BáR atmosphere and open-air fun. This sudden popularity is not a surprise, given that Raktár Beach came up with a winning combination combining Margaret Island with a terrace, sand, cold drinks, excellent DJs, and summer nights. We can expect parties till the sun comes up from Wednesday to Saturday, and we can even admire the Danube while having a cocktail or shaking on the dance floor. This is what one of the most promising clubs of this summer is like.

It’s common knowledge that not even the prettiest interior design can keep us from going out into the open air on a hot summer night. This is true for clubs as well – it just feels a lot better to dance under the stars on a sultry summer night. The good news is that clubs are aware of this; what’s even better is that the widely popular Raktár BáR has moved its summer unit to Margaret Island. The new location is named Raktár Beach, and it’s only a minute away from the entrance of the Margaret Bridge side of the island. The past two weeks brought full-house parties, so it’s safe to say that urban dwellers are already hooked on this new hotspot. This is not surprising at all, since the place has everything summer requires: a terrace to chill at, delicious dishes, drinks, and parties that only end once the sun has come up. Somehow even the seaside feels closer here.All this is accompanied with 2,400 square meters of sandy surfaces, which will be opened at the end of June after they equip the area with showers, a beach-volleyball court, deck chairs, and two bars, so it’ll be great for sports, sunbathing, and for having drinks while barefoot. The upper bar area has two bars, an open kitchen, and two spacious seating areas (one of them separated by curtains) – all surrounded by shady trees and white furniture, not to mention a perfect view of the western half of Margaret Bridge.

Only a few steps away from the Danube, Raktár Beach offers the same drink and music selection as their big brother. We can enjoy the view from 4pm from Monday through Sunday, and we can pair it with a glass of refreshing lemonade, a light Sex on the Beach cocktail, or a bucket of fröccs in the summer heat – or with anything else they have at Raktár BáR. The point is that they have quality drinks as well as food, as the team of Bamba Marha Burger Bar from Andrássy Avenue has moved out here with a full grill kitchen. This means we can have classic burgers like the Big Kahuna or Double Bacon, but they also serve hot dogs with exciting names and flavors, grilled foods, salads, and dips.

The DJs arrive when the night falls: there’s a set every day from from Wednesday to Saturday. The days have themes: Wednesday is for deep house, Thursday brings hip-hop and R&B hits, while on Friday and Saturday they have the music of a house party, just like at Raktár BáR. The party is on until there’s nobody left on the dance floor, so there’s a good chance of watching the sun coming up from here.From what we saw so far, it looks like Raktár Beach has a chance of becoming one of the largest open-air meeting placesofsummer. “We wanted to create a center for summer that could be a meeting point for urban dwellers – day or night. We saw that there was a shortage on the market, so we decided to make the best club of the summer,” says one of the owners, Gergely Szabó. The team is on the right track, as the place is already packed all the time, and we can’t wait to see what will happen when they open the sandy area as well.

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