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Join the Budapest Wine Bar Tour to taste diverse glassfuls

During the very first Budapest Wine Bar Tour on June 8th, the city’s varied drinking destinations represent assorted wine regions of the Hungarian countryside. While drifting between these refined establishments to sample the typical wines and wineries of the province that they are highlighting, participants can enjoy a considerable discount from many types of fine Magyar-made libations.

Whether it’s through a professional or amateur tasting, exploring the valuable wines of Hungary is a joy for all wine-lovers – but visiting all 22 of the country’s wine regions and stop for a taste is not an easy task to do. Wouldn’t it be great if we could taste the wines of all the Hungarian wine regions in one night, simply by walking through the streets of Budapest, without having to travel all around the country? Although not exhaustively, we can give it a shot on Wednesday, June 8th on the occasion of the Budapest Wine Bar Tour. Organized by Wineglass Communication and the Hungarian Tourism Agency, wine lovers can taste the outstanding wines from around the wine regions of Hungary – without leaving the capital.

The revolution of wine bars in Budapest only started a few years ago, so it’s surprising to already see almost 20 of them around town. For this occasion, each of them will “host” one wine region; by visiting the bars, we basically embark on an imaginary journey through the Hungarian grape-growing areas, and get to taste their products. This could easily end in wine lovers hopping on a train or into a car to go and experience the “real deal” after falling in love with one of the regions. Each winebar in Budapest will give home to a wine region represented by known winemakers of the area. They can provide all the information about the province they represent, including the curiosities of their wine cultures; at least three wines of every region will be available with a discount – since there are 22 wine regions, the discount is 22%.

The aim of the program is to inspire more and more people to go on a wine adventure at the noted wine regions of Hungary. It could be a great little game of exploration to pay attention to differences between the typical wines of the regions at each bar. The organizers want to shine light on the 22 wine regions of Hungary through this event. There aren’t fixed routes, so it all depends on our personal preferences... which could certainly change depending on what other city-bound “wine tourists” we meet along the way.

When? The participating wine bars will all be open from 4pm to 10pm, after that they’re open until their ordinary closing time.

How much? There’s no entry fee, the event is free, there’s no need to buy a glass or wristband. All the wineries will give a 22% discount on three of the hosted region’s wines, so it’s worthwhile to taste these.

Where? The event will be held concurrently at the 22 participating wine bars of Budapest.

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