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Juicy + Budapest Bagel now share a downtown dining destination

Now that the Juicy + Budapest Bagel "boutique" opened at Madách Square near Gozsdu Udvar, this area will not only be a great venue for having a drink with friends, or taking a pet for a walk, or having some juicy meat-filled sandwiches, but also the best hunting ground for the well-known, tasty, colorful, healthy juices, cookies and puddings, and carefully made bagel-based sandwiches. The place is made even more cozy with its terrace and a shared table, so we can drink our juices and eat tasty bites right there on the spot.

With all the experience we have in reviewing local eateries, it is safe to say that constant good quality is a must for businesses that wish to succeed in Budapest, and even after expanding, they have to keep their original approach, the principles that make them who they are. When it comes to Juicy, it’s nice to see that after managing the small business of two, involving long early-morning working hours and fruit-pressings at dawn, Juicy’s Dalma and Timi finally have a whole team to help them, so now they can proudly stand in front of the store and look at their business thinking “We did it!” All that time spent at the market, the experimenting, and the sleep deprivation paid off, because Budapest loves what they are doing: from the drummer of the punk band who is covered in tattoos to the obsessively paleo moms, everyone loves to hold the colorful juice bottles. The brand is strong, the product is good, the philosophy remained the same.

The Madách Square unit is the result of a joyful union; as a result of teaming up with Budapest Bagel, guests can have a complete meal here, besides having the usual raw or raw-vegan cookies and delicacies. And yes, a juice and a sandwich can be a satisfying breakfast/lunch/dinner. The girls share the same mentality with the bagel guys: to create quality products from great ingredients. But they didn’t jump on the radically exclusive raw/vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free/lactose-free bandwagon – they try to provide a lot of alternatives. This is why they have salmon bagels, or even goose-liver-and-pear-filled bagels, while we can drink our coffee with non-dairy milk, or choose from a wide selection of sweets even if we stay clear of any animal products.

The juices are still made from seasonal fruits, they contain a lot of superfood ingredients, and on top of the old favorites, they always have some new drinks. The arrival of summer means the arrival of the raspberry and melon season, so we can’t wait for these fruits to join strawberries. Our absolute favorite was the salmon-filled bagel (1,050 forints), and we tried the new strawberry-based juices, which they even offer with a rhubarb pairing. The added bonus is that when the weather is good, we can enjoy these on the small terrace, so then we can happily go home/to yoga/have a fröccs/pick up the kids. Somehow these juices always make us happy.

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