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Budapest Weekend Guide: June 3-5

Our weekly roundup for the upcoming weekend offers plenty of suggestions for where to go, what to do, and who must not be missed during the next three days. There are always so many happenings to choose from in Budapest – festivals, exhibits, live music, cocktails, performances, and more – but here is our pick of the bunch for the imminent 72 hours or so:


3pm - 3am: The final Buda Castle Beer Festival at Buda Castle Due to renovation works at the Buda Castle, the country’s biggest and most prestigious beer festival will be organized for the last time during June 2-5. But as you might already know, Hungarians like to drink on two occasions: when there is something to celebrate and when something tragic has happened. This, and the 200 different kinds of beer, the concerts, the street-food trucks, the cider park, and the many other programs guarantee that our favorite alcohol-related festival will go out with a bang. Raise your glasses!

5pm - 10pm: Budapest Essentials & CityMatiné Presents Todd Terje at Eiffel SquareThe incontrovertible king of the space-disco trend, Todd Terje, sits on his throne amid a galaxy of Norwegian producers with unpronounceable names. Terje Olsen – his real name – got his stage name from one of his favorite DJs, the American Todd Terr. That sets the tone. He built up a reputation with a dizzying portfolio of remixes, from Michael Jackson to Paul Simon and his enormous love for disco. A touch of kitsch, a lot of groove and many percussions: that’s the unique recipe for his edits, quite subtle and effective. We owe him many dance-floor bombs, but the DJ-producer became really well known outside the dance floors in 2014 with the release of his first album, “It's Album Time”, in the purest discoid style, borrowing from funk, pop, and jazz fusion, amid Latin and house rhythms. Before you leave for the party, be sure that you have your dancing shoes on!
5pm - 10pm:Friday at A38 at A38 ShipWhite Russian.


Long Island Iced Tea.

Sex On The Beach.

Gin and Tonic. These are just a few of our favorites that always help us to start the weekend in a really good mood. You pay for one and get two, while the Bladerunnaz DJs play their favorite liquid funk and drum-and-bass records. A soft warmup for what is coming in the forthcoming two days and three nights. Sunshine, chill times, good music, good people – all on the Danube.

8.30pm - 9.30pm:

Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi – “Medusa”
at Trafó HouseThe choreography in “Medusa” is built around the sensation of the body as a constantly changing environment, investigating the proposition of change and stability and how it manifests itself in ecological systems. The piece – which is the new version of the Labán-prize nominated piece “Old Pony” by Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi and Tóbiás Terebessy – takes place in the depths of the ocean, allowing one to see and feel the connection between the human body and other life forms. “Medusa” envelops the audience with its meditative atmosphere, as its powerful choreography takes them on a deep dive into empathy.

10pm - 11.55pm: Naked Lunch at Bem Cinema In this adaptation of William S. Burroughs’s hallucinatory, once-thought-unfilmable novel Naked Lunch, directed by David Cronenberg, a part-time exterminator and full-time drug addict named Bill Lee (Peter Weller) plunges into the nightmarish Interzone, a netherworld of sinister cabals and giant talking bugs. Alternately humorous and grotesque – and always surreal – the film mingles aspects of Burroughs’s novel with incidents from the writer’s own life, resulting in an evocative paranoid fantasy and a self-reflexive investigation into the mysteries of the creative process. Screened with original (English) audio and Hungarian subtitles.Saturday

10am - 2pm:

District Battle Run II
at Margaret Island Where are the best runners of Budapest? Last year the Zugló district won, but this year all districts get another chance to shine! Run in the District Battle Run competition, and show that your district has the best runners in Budapest! It doesn’t matter how fast you run here, the main thing is to make as many people run to support their districts as possible. The district, whose runners can collect the most kilometers between 10am and 2pm wins.

1pm: The View From Here: Artists // Public Policy at CEU School Of Public Policy From Ai Wei Wei to Banksy, we can see art engaging policy and the political sphere. But in an increasingly connected world where cultural production is ever more easily disseminated, how can this engagement be most effective and meaningful? The CEU School of Public Policy’s 2016 annual conference focuses on a series of questions that are not often asked in the world of government or academia.

10pm - 3am: Budapest Essentials Present Black Coffee at Klauzál Square MarketIntense, bristling, wild, joyful: that’s the sound of young South Africa, as expressed through its vibrant electronic music scene. Now one of its leading lights, Black Coffee, comes to Budapest to make the local crowd lose its collective mind. A superstar DJ in Africa and on the world circuit (Berlin, Ibiza, and beyond), Black Coffee is a true pioneer of the homegrown house-music movement, offering a singular mix of thick grooves and cool, clattering beats.
11pm - 6am: Corvin Black Presents Recondite at Corvin ClubRecondite is the first shining star on the pitch-black firmament of Corvin Club’s new series, Corvin Black. On Saturday, one of modern techno’s best-known newcomer performs in Budapest’s most advanced underground electronic-music venue. Recondite was first discovered by Scuba in 2011, resulting in a series of recordings published on Hotflush and Plangent Records, with the first album, “On Acid”, in tow. His underground hit “Cleric” was the next step towards breakthrough.
Recondite will hit Corvin with a live set, the first international artist to headline Corvin Black. Don’t miss it!

11pm - 6am: Peggy Gou at LÄRM Peggy Gou is a Berlin-based Korean artist. First through a regular stream of high-quality mixes and now with her first EP, “Art of War” on Rekids, she has begun to turn heads in underground circles. Sitting somewhere between Detroit, London, and Berlin in sound, her DJ sets are an assured, kinetic combination of dark, pulsing house and techno, broken beats and abstract compositions.Sunday

5am - 4pm:
Contra Mundum & Move Presents Afterhours at Corvin Bar
Budapest never sleeps – not even after a Saturday night spent dancing and drinking.

That’s why Afterhours came to life: a party series that takes place every Sunday beginning at 6am at Corvin Club, for those who still don’t want to leave the club scene, but instead spend some more time on the dance floor. This time Zvezda Beta, Isu, Nigel Sorter, Vatsanah, Andras Toth and Shabaam will stand behind the decks.
10am - 1pm: Konyhakör & Budapest Essentials Present Sunday Brunch at Bálna Budapest On the closing day of Budapest Essentials, start your day with a laid-back brunch, which is free with a wristband! Foods, drinks, creams, pastries will be from Konyhakör and the venues that have partnered in the four days-long celebration of the Hungarian capital. Can you resist that? We thought not.
5.15pm - 10pm: Rakéta Festival Presents No Eves, The Beans, The Nobody Elses, Tape Kebab, 40 Days, Felső Tízezer at A38 Ship No Eves play balls-to-the-walls stoner rock with a twist: if you like the bands of Josh Homme, you’ll surely love it.
The Nobody Elses are fresh-faced indie kids, who love sun-kissed indie pop – listening to it and playing it, too.
Felső Tízezer is formed by The Somersault Boy-leader László Sallai and his friends, and they play catchy pop-rock with a strong ’90s influence.
40 Days plays indie rock on the way of psychedelia. Tape Kebab and The Beans will perform too.

6pm - 8pm: Platoon at Bem Cinema Directed by Oliver Stone – whose personal experiences in Vietnam served as the film’s primary inspiration – Platoon is a mercilessly intense movie about a nightmare that never ends. Starring Charlie Sheen as Chris Young, an American youth who gives up college to join the army, just to discover that his presence is nonessential and to start gravitating towards mental meltdown, it portrays the utter chaos of the Vietnam War.

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