Seven magnificent visual artists of South Korea display outstanding pictures of their native nation in a temporary exhibition at the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts on Andrássy Avenue, showcasing two faces of the peninsular country. Black-and-white works guide viewers through the history and culture of the country since the early ’70s, while creative, colorful shots show present-day shots of life in South Korea. Through the 125 exhibited works of these talented photographers, viewers can follow the fundamental changes in the recent history of South Korea.

Imaging Korea – Beyond the People, Land and Time”, on view through August 28th, occupies two spacious areas in the museum; the open courtyard is filled with colorful pictures presenting the country’s life today, while visitors can admire the black-and-white photographs reflecting on the nation’s past inside the museum.

Budapest is the first city in Europe to showcase these photographs, which will be taken from here to five different major cities: Berlin, Warsaw, Brussels, Astana, and Madrid.

The exhibition presents the works of seven major photo artists: KANG Woongu, KWON Taegyun, KIM Jungman, PARK Jongwoo, LEE Gapcul, CHO Daeyeon, and SEO Heunkang – who are all unique, well-known and respected photographers in their country.

What makes this exhibition truly interesting is that it does not only present today’s South Korean culture, but also its roots; the times before industrialization, the change in society, the respect of nature, palaces, churches, monasteries, rural villages, demilitarized zones, high technologies, and besides all that, the presence of tradition and respect for cultural heritage all over the country.

The colorful pictures presenting today’s world in South-Korea are well-photographed, cultural heritage constantly having in sight in the images, although, we prefer the more severe black-and-white works.

The exhibition proves that South Korea is not only worthy of attention because of its developed industry; another exhibition has been organized at the Korean Cultural Center that showcases contemporary Korean artworks, while this new exhibition introduces the country’s best photographers to Budapest, drawing attention to the beauty of Korean art.

Imaging Korea – Beyond the People, Land and Time” is on view at the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts through August 28th.