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A-list Salon & Spa offers professional beauty treatments with cool style

At A-list Salon & Spa, they know what high-quality beauty service. In the nicely furnished units, all treatments start with a consultation, which professionals use to devise personalized options for every guest, whether they came for a haircut, manicure, pedicure, or facial treatment, with organic and vegan treatment products available. All this and more is offered for reasonable prices at three locations in Budapest.

Zsuzsi Galgóczi opened her first store in 2003, and since then became the owner of three popular and esteemed salons. Even though she works with about 40 professionals, occasionally she grabs a pair of scissors, as well. From the aforementioned salons, one is situated in the downtown area of Pest, while the other two are located on the Buda side of the city, and each awaits guests with a different theme and atmosphere. Everyone can freely choose among any of the units, although it seems that younger clients and foreigners favor Pest, while families prefer Buda.

The interior design is different in each salon; one might have a Buddha statue, while another might rock graffiti and posters of New York. What really matters, however, is that the quality of the services is the same at all salons; the experience is just as exclusive at each of the three units. Zsuzsi ensure this herself, as she trains her own employees at a training center.

The repertoire includes haircuts, massages, facials, waxing, manicure, pedicures, and fish pedicures, as well as full counseling in addition to the treatments. Each service begins with a consultation, where the guest tells what they want, and after an estimate, the staff can devise personalized options for them. After all, options they have aplenty: for example, the beauty salon offers natural facial treatments with Phyt's products, herbal foot care, and even a vegan SpaRitual nail polishing. At A-list, we can even have a group treatment with friends, similarly to some American films, where a group arrives together to the beauty salon, just to spend the whole day being pampered.

We simply have to highlight the fish pedicure, a special treatment A-list was the first to use in Hungary. This service teeters somewhere on the border of entertainment and effective foot care, and is the kind of thing everyone is curious about. We can try the treatment at the A-list Salon in Pest, while resting in comfortable massage chairs and possible even joined by three of our friends. During the 20-minute pedicure, 100 “doctor fishes” nibble away at the dead skin of our feet, which is rather relaxing in itself – given that we are not ticklish. But the experience can be further enhanced with a massage. So whether we come by for a haircut, manicure or other, we can be sure that in A-list Salons, professionals take their job seriously, and relax both their guests’ body and soul for reasonable prices.

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