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9/8/2015 11:38 AM

A surprising new invention by Hungarian designer Dénes Sándor will surely make walks through Budapest more practical, funny, and less stressful. This breakthrough is a city map that looks like a stress ball and is made out of stretchable rubber – thus the holder can “zoom in” on a certain part of the capital city if they squeeze it the right way. The Paris metro map wouldn’t fit on one of these, but the compact center of Budapest looks great on these egg-shaped stress relievers. Designboom published an article about these super-unique maps.

Dénes Sándor’s city maps came to our attention while scrolling through Designboom’s article, and we felt the need to introduce this unique invention to our readers. There are two kinds of people: one kind can navigate no matter where he or she is, and the other gets lost even in their own house. For the latter, GPS is more of a curse than a cure, as it just mixes up everything familiar in their head – and paper maps are even worse. Many people start to panic if they don’t know where they are, especially if they are walking around a city that they haven’t been to before. Thus, Dénes Sándor’s waterproof egg-map is for them, as it fits into the palm perfectly and also comes in handy if the user is under pressure.

Every district has its own color, and the map comes with a logical and practical list of what each sign means. The Budapest version has the map of 11 districts on it, with all the exciting hotspots, transport hubs, parks, other features marked on it.

As soon as the maps are available for purchase, we will announce it here.

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