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7/9/2015 2:00 AM

Feast your eyes on the “Kobu” – a new delicacy born in Budapest with the marriage of two street-food favorites: sausages and burgers. This delicious new development is the latest edible innovation by Kolbice, an inventive eatery which already introduced the “sausage cone” to the world last year. This fresh specialty is based on luscious grilled beef links made from Hungarian Grey cattle, along with varied toppings and sauces put between two distinctly shaped sesame-seed buns – this could be the next big thing in gastronomy to go.

Many tasty treats seem to be coming in all sizes and shapes around Budapest these days (such as square donuts), and now the time has come for rectangular burgers – however, these are not typical burgers made with meat patties, but a new sausage-filled version by Kolbice, the creator of sausage cones. This new savory specialty is the “Kobu” – a mash-up of “kolbász” (“sausage” in Hungarian) and “burger” – and it differs from Kolbice’s cones in that the sausages are not made from pork, but from beef made with high-quality Hungarian Grey cattle, Hungary’s native long-horned bovine breed. We can enjoy a Kobu in two variations: “green” (providing a pleasantly mild flavor with horseradish and green herbs), and the spicier “red”, with cheese, bacon, and barbecue sauce; both are mouthwateringly juicy adventures in eating.

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

Distinctly shaped to securely hold three separate sausages, the custom-baked Kobu buns are made with a special bread dough infused with apples to make them especially easy to digest. Such carefully considered components are a signature of Kolbice’s complete dedication to creating a genuine breakthrough in street-food gastronomy, not merely another passing fad; this culinary commitment is evident in every bite of a Kobu.

The debut of the Kobu is not the only transformation currently occurring with the fast-growing Kolbice chain: the company’s locations on Hold Street (Belvárosi Piac) and Dohány Street, as well as at the Great Market Hall, Római Part, and in Budapest Park, will all operate under the name Kolbice by Kobe from now on. In these shops, we can buy an original sausage-packed bread cone and the square-shaped Kobu, as well – these will certainly be a staple of our street-food diet from now on.

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