GIF cartoons movingly capture life on Budapest’s public transport


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7/7/2015 2:00 AM

An old lady cleans lint off her husband’s coat in an underpass; someone leans out the window of a bus; and woman receives a scolding for knitting aboard a tram – such everyday scenes of people using Budapest’s public-transportation network provide inspiration for many artists, but in a new project by local resident Krisztina Bogó, these moments are brought alive in movingly rendered GIF cartoons.

Noémi Mondik, Marcus Goldson, and Alíz Buzás are all artists who were mesmerized by Budapest’s public-transport system and its diverse people. However, the newest artworks that portray the milieu aboard the city’s buses, trams, and metros were created by Krisztina Bogó, who captures the oddest passengers that she encounters with playful GIF animations. Naturally, the moving graphics have their own tumblr werk page too, running under the name “emberek a hetesen” (“people on the seven”), referring to the many subjects she sees on bus line 7. The technique of producing these GIFs can be divided into phases – the graphics are hand-drawn, and then Krisztina animates and colors them on her computer., the artist wondered about the good stories of other observant passengers in addition to her own experiences, so she conducted some research in order to improve the project. After all, it was only by chance that Krisztina happened to see an old lady admonishing a woman who was calmly knitting on the bus, telling her to stop this because it is apparently a life-threatening activity (as portrayed above). Therefore, she searched for the funny stories of other people to create the entire series of miniature motion pictures. Thus the works of Krisztina Bogó can be considered as a significant sampling of typical characters in Budapest these days: the jostling old man loudly adjusting his dentures, the confused tourist savoring the name of Blaha Lujza Square, or the idiot who decides to stand on the left side of the escalator down to the metro platform.
Krisztina Bogó website emberekahetesen Tumblr

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