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6/22/2015 12:54 PM

Budapest’s riverscape is indisputably beautiful, but with its many bridges and major monuments stealing the show, it’s easy to overlook the impressive apartment buildings that line the Danube banks – especially since we generally view them side-by-side, making it difficult to single out individual architectural masterpieces. Highlighting these buildings for their distinctive appeal, a new project by Magyar photographer Nóra Laki presents each of the urban palaces found between Árpád Bridge and Szabadság Bridge one by one, removing their backgrounds to highlight historic façades.

The downtown buildings of the Danube bank coexist in perfect symbiosis, reinforcing each other as if they are cuddling, and providing towering architectural views that are imposing for locals and visitors alike. But does anyone ever notice how impressive the buildings look by themselves? The new “Door-to-Door” photo project by Nóra Laki singles them out for us by placing pictures of each edifice before a dull gray background, forcing our eyes to focus on the structures and their intricate features.

Photo: Nóra Laki/Behance

Every photo in the project presents a direct frontal view of the buildings, cropping out

the often-stunning scenery that surrounds them in real life to

emphasize the historic design elements that make each waterfront



Photo: Nóra Laki/Behance

Since we know that the residents of these Danube-front buildings enjoy astounding views over Budapest’s skyline, it’s interesting to look back at their windows with a clear focus – highlighting just how lucky we are to have so many panoramic apartments here in Hungary’s capital.

Check out the complete “Door-to-Door” series here.

Photo: Nóra Laki/Behance

Photo: Nóra Laki/Behance

Photo: Nóra Laki/Behance

Photo: Nóra Laki/Behance

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