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4/16/2015 2:00 AM

The Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport has closed for renovations and is expected to open after three years of reconstruction works end. Some of the exhibited items have been moved to the Hungarian Railway Museum, while others can be seen at the Bálna Budapest. Meanwhile, these are the visual plans for the revamped transport museum that is expected to look the way it did before it was damaged in WWII.

The romantic-eclectic exhibition hall of the museum was built according to the architectural plans of Ferenc Pfaff, who was the senior architect for MÁV (the Hungarian State Railways) and was responsible for creating the architectural plans for some of the biggest railway stations in Austria-Hungary.

The exhibition hall wasn't the best work of the talented architect but nonetheless the architectural plans of the building – which was heavily damaged in WWII – are still available, so a renovation to the building's original design is possible.


The diameter of the bell is 26 meters and its height 67 meters, and in the exhibition hall you could find historical artefacts from the railways, roads, sailing, post offices and even pieces showing the early days of telecommunication. As a part of the reconstruction, not only will the ruined parts of the building be rebuilt but an underground extension of 40,000 square meters will also be added. The available exhibition space will be bigger than ever!


Until the museum reopens, part of the exhibition can be seen at the Bálna Budapest. What can be seen at the Bálna includes János Csonka's mail truck, a Ford-T, Hungarian motorcycles and you can also sit in a replica of the Soyuz 35 spacecraft.

You can find out more about the visual plans of the museum at

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