2 Hungarian finalists in the Architizer A+ Awards


4/10/2015 1:10 PM

Last year, Hungarian architecture was recognised several times internationally. For example, at last year's prestigious Architizer A+ Awards two metro stations, designed by sporaarchitects, for the M4 metro line triumphed in the Bus&Train Stations category. This year, Kocka Bar's building on Kazinczy Street (by Minusplus) and the international creative camp called Hello Wood both represent Hungary in the finals of this prestigious award.

The Architizer A+ Awards

is a prestigious recognition of the best international architecture. the winner of which will be announced by a jury of acclaimed professionals

on 14 April.

The only Hungarian building among the finalists is a creation by

Minusplus | Custom Made Architecture. In 2013 they saved one of the oldest, dilapidated buildings on Kazinczy Street from demolition by transforming it into one of the best contemporary buildings of Budapest. Inside the house, the architects were given a free


they created four

storeys, each with its own

function (dance floor, bar, restaurant, kitchen). In the architecture competition the building of Kocka competes in the Hospitality - Bars&Nightclubs category. It also has a good chance of winning the viewers' choice award.

There is also a Hungarian finalist

in the top 5 of the Architecture+Learning category. The international creative camp,

Hello Wood, was launched in 2010 and has gained recognition both from those in the design profession and the general public. The camp currently works together with more than 20 universities from 30 countries. The way it works is that at the end of an eight day creative session the teams of about six

people present their creations, for which they use 3-4 cubic metres of wood.

Recently a

book about the first five years of the now world-famous creative camp was introduced. The book discusses the planning of Hello Wood, the various

themes of the creations made there and the personal experiences of the people who have been

part of the creative process. The book is available at Mono Art and Design, Ykra Store, Flatlab, Írók boltja, FUGA and the Garden Studio for 3300 HUF. You can also buy the electronic version

for the same price.

We hope that the Hungarian projects

win the hearts of both the jury

and the public.

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