Pigs in Király Street – the new Belvárosi Disznótoros is heaven for meat-lovers


3/5/2015 5:06 PM

We already knew Belvárosi Disznótoros (“Downtown Pig Slaughter”) from its location on Károlyi Mihály Street. Nearby office workers fill that eatery at lunch, while Thursdays they offer specials for those who love game meat. In addition to locals who prefer traditional flavours, there are also a fair number of tourists munching on sausage and pork trotters there.But now, at their new shop on Király Street, it's likely tourists will flock to the eatery in even greater numbers to take advantage of these hearty and tasty meals.

We have repeatedly come to the conclusion that Hungarian street food does not really exist. The deep-fried dough called lángos is more of a beach food, and offering főzelék in small cups is not too efficient either. It seems in fact that Hungarian sausage and black pudding is the best of Hungarian cuisine when eaten standing on our feet.

In addition to classic butchers and market stalls, some modern gastro street food eateries have started offering meat as the main drawcard, for example
A Séf utcája, Kispiac, KOLBice and Belvárosi Disznótoros.

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

The new Belvárosi Disznótoros restaurant is much larger than the one in Károlyi Mihály Street, since the section near Deák and Madách Square is an important strategic point in the city now, especially for catering businesses. Thus there is a more spacious guest area, more staff, and a wider selection of food as well. The restaurant is simple with the counter the focus, where the friable meats and grilled sausages are seductively lined up. The salad and pickles selection is not to be overlooked either. As we step in, we immediately start salivating at the sight of all the delicious food; and while we are waiting for our order, we can munch on some fruit, baguettes or homemade scones. We can eat from these little bites for free, within the limits of good taste. This is a nice gesture from Disznótoros, so we should not stuff 100 grams of scones into or pockets - not even before a big drinking session.

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

If we go from left to right at the counter, we have to mention the fried meats first: the black pudding, the sausage, the crispy duck leg (900 HUF/pc), and the whole trotters (2300 HUF or 10dg for 350 HUF). The freshly fried meats are also priced by weight, 10dg of plain or filled fried meat costs 350 forints, for example. As for the sides, bread is a must, but we can also choose from red cabbage, rice or the specialty chips-thin fries. We liked this crispy potato variation (350 HUF) so much that we will definitely return for another try. Even in the new restaurant, nearly 100 kilograms are sold from the thin, sautéed potato chips on a busy day. The pork trotters were also excellent with the fresh grated horseradish, two to three people are sure to be satisfied with just one serve. The pickled vegetables’ counter is self-service, which is a rather ingenious solution.

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

We can find about 12 kinds of pre-marinated meats (poultry, pork for 430 HUF/10 dg, veal loin for 1800 HUF/portion) on the right side, which are prepared fresh within a few minutes on a grill plate. This option can be ideal for those who would like to avoid the trotters-black pudding-sausage trio and try something lighter instead. Several kinds of spare ribs, chicken meat and pork medallions are waiting for us in the marinate, and we learned that we can purchase these raw as well, in case we want to prepare them later ourselves, say at a summer barbeque party. We tested an onion-mustard spare rib – it was not overdone at all and stayed perfectly juicy. As a side, we tasted one of the mayonnaise salads (490 HUF/portion) named Waldorf, with some greens and feta cheese-stuffed pepperoni.

This grill line is a great idea – even for those who would like to protect their shape, as they could eat a large piece of meat with a green salad. We expect Király Street’s Belvárosi Disznótoros to become the scene of frantic feasts.The good news is that the opening hours, now ranging from 10am to 9pm will change to a midnight close; moreover, the place will supposedly be open until 2am in the busy summer period.

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