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Beautiful bloggers add spice to meals at Macesz Bistro


  • We Love Budapest

11/19/2015 4:27 PM

After reinvigorating District VII’s gastro scene with an updated concept this spring, Macesz Bistro adopted a new direction by blending its Jewish-inspired cuisine with Hungarian culinary classics. The restaurant currently offers an intriguing seasonal selection, a concise “chef’s recommendation” menu that changes every few days, and a degustation menu where Hungary’s traditional csusza noodles and Jewish matzo balls play an equally important role. The eatery also launched a new event series featuring multiple-course meals dreamed up by acclaimed chefs, winemakers, and bloggers.

Walking along Pest’s atmospheric Dob Street, most passersby will definitely spot the Hussar-adorned sign above the entrance of Macesz Bistro, and notice the inviting charm of the restaurant’s white tablecloths and the gigantic blackboard that lists delectable international favorites like tabbouleh, shakshuka, and flodni. Whether or not you know and love these exotic-sounding delicacies, Macesz is definitely worth visiting – we at We Love Budapest HQ think it’s one of the best restaurants for Jewish (though not Kosher) dishes in Budapest.

Photo: László Balkányi/Macesz Bistro

With its latest revamp completed in October, Macesz Bistro’s seasonal menu now incorporates tried-and-true treats as well as characteristic fall flavors. Currently available creations include goose foie gras pâté with orange caramel, venison Wellington with grilled vegetables, beef tenderloin steak with green-pepper sauce, and “ludaskása”, a Hungarian vegetable risotto dish with goose meat. Displaying an array of Hungarian, foreign, and kosher items, the wine list is just as impressive. What’s more, during our visit to explore the overhauled menu, we found out that Macesz will soon come out with its own selection of pálinka brandy.

ChefÁkos Tasnádi switches up the selection every few days, and those who wish to sample a wider range of goodies served here should go for the restaurant’s distinctive degustation menus either the Jewish traditional (7,900 HUF) or the Macesz (9,900 HUF) – comprising five courses each.To promote the fantastic cuisine of the restaurant, Macesz launched the Gastro Tour event series in April, inviting locally renowned star chefs and celebrity foodies to create a special dinner menu with the chef. The menu to be served at the next event on December 2nd was designed with the help of the six sassy bloggers of 11ground. Founded two years ago, this hip blog-magazine showcases the expert knowledge, opinions, and experiences of six trendsetting bloggers: Timi Hadnagy (#home), Petra Erdősi (#beautycorner), Wanda Sallay (#loveandlife), Viktória Bolla (#fashion), Luca Nagy (#gastro), and Gabriella Zana (#sport). Gastro enthusiast Luca will represent the entire team, and put on an apron to help Ákos prepare the magnificent feast. Check out the Macesz Bistro website for more details.

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