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10/26/2015 1:00 AM

Sometimes a dog’s face can be much more expressive than a human’s face – or so says Hungarian artist Roland Bíró, who put together a picture series portraying an alternative Budapest where dogs are the dominant species. The images are extremely funny, and some of these delightfully doctored photos are being printed on T-shirts and postcards.

Imagine a city where dogs rule and go about their everyday life just like humans do. In his new “Budapest Dogs” series of playfully altered historic photos, Magyar website builder and photographer Roland Bíró created an alternative version of Hungary’s capital with this idea in mind, and the results turned out to be rather funny.

Photo: Roland Bíró

The series is a continuation of one of Bíró’s previous works, portraying birds in similar situations citywide. We did not receive an explanation for the dogtheme, but the birds were inspired by Roland’s daughter, Ajsa, whose name means ‘bluebird’.

Photo: Roland Bíró

“The dog theme came from the bird one. There are situations when a dog’s head can be much more expressive. But I don’t want to overthink it. Anyway, the original photos are from,” explains Bíró.

Photo: Roland Bíró

The bird-based image collection is available at Klauzál Street’s Arthuska boutique and in Pesti Szatócs, but for the time being, the dog-themed series can only be bought from Roland through his Facebook page... although we’re sure that these images will mark territory on the shelves of varied Budapest shops in the near future.

Photo: Roland Bíró

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