New LEGO busts replace disappearing metal sculptures on Margaret Island


1/2/2015 1:56 AM

Budapest is full of hardcore art lovers. That's what you can guess by the actions of a few industrious connoisseurs who take home metal sculptures of movable size from Budapest's public spaces every so often. Surely, the unidentified arts collectors must have bagged the pieces for the adornment of their homes. What's done is done, but to lessen the loss, a few people have decided to replace the busted busts in a unique way: they recreated them using LEGO. This might well be the birth of a new landmark.

The Művészsétány (the "Artists' Promenade") could be one of the attractions of Margaret Island, but it has more often than not been slightly crooked, since the busts of artists and writers often mysteriously disappear. The bronze likenesses of sculptors Beck Ö. Fülöp and Izsó Miklós have suffered the same fate, but, fortunately, the Lego Store Budapest and the Young&Rubicam agency have come up with a thoroughly creative solution for their replacement

The busts were made by using more than 16 000 LEGO bricks and were built by Balázs Dóczy, head of Kockaműhely, in 3 weeks. The pieces were created with the help of 3D models and one weighs 13 kilograms, while the other weighs a whopping 28 kilograms.

The two LEGO busts will remain on exhibit until the arrival of the bronze replicas, but we think this solution remains applicable if needed elsewhere.

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