Trends come and go, but almost every fad makes its way back into the public consciousness after a while. For many decades, no Budapest bar was complete without classic seltzer bottles, but although screw-capped mineral-water containers have frequently replaced these siphon-topped vessels in recent years, spraying soda bottles remain an icon here. The new university project of young Magyar designer Nóra Kaszanyi is inspired by old-fashioned seltzer bottles while keeping contemporary packaging needs in mind, creating an attractive modern collection of premium soda in six flavors.

Back in the day, siphon-topped soda bottles were essential in every Hungarian household, but over the years they are being replaced with screw-capped mineral water. However, the popularity of these single-use containers is seemingly declining as more and more people rediscover classic soda bottles, as we noted in this recent article. The new project of MOME student Nóra Kaszanyi helps promote these retro vessels as well, as she designed a vitamin-fortified soda brand in six flavors named DOSE. The packaging is sleek and simple; the labels of each bottle only mention the capacity and the vitamin dose of each beverage along with a graphic to indicate the flavor, with each tinted by one pastel color that differs according to the variety. For the time being, these products are merely a concept, although we would not mind seeing them on the shelves of our favorite grocery stores.