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Serenity grows in Margaret Island's refurbished Japanese Garden


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24/09/2014 2.00am

Literally blooming, the complete renovation of Margaret Island's Japanese Garden was recently completed, so from now on we can expect even more dating couples and families to visit this beautiful 10,500-square-meter Oriental garden. Thanks to the replaced pavement, rethought benches, newly installed plants, and burbling fountains, this forgotten garden might become one of the island parkland's main attractions.

We could see many innovations over the last two years at Margaret Island: last summer, the Musical Fountain at the southern end of the island was ameliorated, while Margaret Bridge now shines in its former glory, Hajós Alfréd Bath was renewed, and even the information boards were given a pretty redesign. Construction work is still in progress on the city's favorite running track circling the island perimeter, but soon this will become a world-class pathway. We believe that although some unexploited opportunities remain, Margaret Island is becoming more versatile and tidy with every passing day. The latest example of this is the renovation of the Japanese Garden.

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

The Japanese Garden was created in the '70s and did not undergo any kind of reconstruction in the last 20 years. The plants died out, and the technical solutions of the built elements became outdated, as well. Although some older plants were left in their place, many new species now enrich the garden. There are new seating installments as well, including classic benches and long red-and-black metal benches inspired by Japanese culture.

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

Moreover, the Musical Fountain is playing melodies again – which is, by the way, not the same as the other music fountain that stands closer to Margaret Bridge. Composer Attila Csányi created a 12-piece musical tune recalling medieval Hungarian music from old melody fragments, just for Margaret Island’s attraction. Interestingly, the fountain works with potable water, except for during winter months. All in all, a walk in the renewed Japanese Garden can be a perfect relaxing urban getaway after a long day.

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