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Ink Local: Printa's Pest points out unique sights with style


7/24/2014 2:00 AM

Serving as both an offbeat piece of artwork and a hip guide for seeing Budapest's sights off the beaten path, the 2014 edition of Printa’s Pest is now available at Hungary's original concept store, offering up-to-date suggestions for shops, restaurants, bars, cultural centers, accommodations, and much more. This third edition of the design map continues the playfully informative style of its predecessors, all handmade with silk-screen artistry on-site at Printa.

Customers perusing the creative goods at Printa often asked employees to recommend places for them to visit, leading to the idea to create the Printa's Pest map displaying their favorite destinations. Bucking the 21st-century tide of maps requiring electronic gizmos and satellite systems, the creators of this hand-printed document recommend ruin pubs, galleries, boutiques, and many other places that they usually show to their visiting friends. They made the map with the help of artists, friends, and the whole Printa community, providing a cartoonish street layout adorned with illustrations of buildings and random Budapest imagery, while the flip side provides details and descriptions about 50 places found around downtown.

Photo: Printa

This is the third version of Printa's Pest, and not only because previous editions were a huge success and sold out quickly; a fresh version was necessary since Budapest’s landscape of wonders is constantly changing – new shops and galleries are constantly opening, while other destinations have closed within recent months. Nonetheless, even when this new edition of Printa's Pest is obsolete, it remains as an attractive decorative piece or future memento of a Budapest visit.

Photo: Printa

The designers of Printa’s Pest were interested in discovering and capturing the visual spirit of downtown Pest, and they succeeded in doing so with cute likenesses of the buildings featured in the map, along with playful details like park benches, pigeons, and picnic tables. This year, the map was illustrated by Natália Varga, and every one of them was created within Printa’s silk-screen studio, so it works as a piece of graphic artwork, as well. Printa also sells fabric bags with Printa's Pest imagery, perfect for holding treasures acquired along the way during urban excursions across the Magyar metropolis.

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