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7/2/2014 2:00 AM

Viewing sports games while reclining on the couch seems like a mundane activity, especially when the World Cup matches are on. But what about watching the athletic action on a couch outdoors in front of a gigantic screen, while you eat delicacies of the nations currently playing onscreen? Sounds a whole lot different, doesn't it? Especially if we mention that this is all possible while lounging poolside. Such a sunshiny paradise now awaits visitors at MOM Sport Kert, and not only during the current soccer spectacle in Brazil.

A cozy and beautiful environment welcomes all comers at the entrance area of MOM Sport Kert ever since this Buda green area was renovated. Now this is a real community spacefull of life: there are grassy lawns, a milk bar, a hair salon, a store full of sports equipment, and also the fitness club that opened last year in connection with the so-called Fájdalom Ambulancia, where guests can get various treatments and take part in exercises to ease musculoskeletal troubles.

Photo: Szabolcs Vadnai

At the moment, the greatest attraction of this place is the inner garden that received a bit of an upgrade for the World Cup matches. In addition to the usual array of benches in front of the huge projection screen, fans can enjoy the games while sitting in super-comfortable couches – this is just like lounging and viewing at home, but enhanced with the caressing rays of the sun, the sweet smell of freshly mown grass, and a convivial atmosphere. When there is a live football match happening next door, we may even get a 4D experience if the players happen to kick a ball over to the viewing area.

During extremely hot days, the nearby swimming pool offers a special viewing opportunity for fans, since they can see the screen even when sticking their feet in the water, or stretching out on the sun beds. The kitchen of the beach bar always prepares morsels related to the gastronomy of the nations that appear on the field. Last time, during Lionel Messi's match, an Argentine chef prepared authentic Patagonia delicacies. The park has a built-in Wi-Fi network, and the bar offers games and prizes for the fans. By default, the swimming pool is open until 10pm, but we can watch the games until midnight.

Photo: Márton Solymosi

"We're the only place in Budapest where you can watch the games broadcast on a 30-square-meter screen while relaxing in a pool. We wanted to develop a place where you can stop by after work and feel comfortable, whether you're wearing a suit or a swimsuit. In terms of the number of seats, we can take up to 500 people, but there were times when some guests sat on the stairs. This is a friendly place, there's a nice and clean playground for the kids, and the whole thing has something of a picnic feel to it: people can bring blankets and just lie in the grass. In addition to the playground, we also have a street gym, so the parents can work out a bit while keeping an eye on the children, since the playground and the gym is only separated by a hedge. We have a miniature TV studio located nearby, and Blikk TV also shows some of the broadcasts we make. In our show, Gábor Körmendi talks with a well-known person and shares his observations about the World Cup, along with other interesting things," said Ildikó Buranits, the managing director of MOM Sport Kert.

Photo: Vadnai Szabolcs

The park will not close its doors at the end of the FIFA World Cup, but continues welcoming everyone between July 14th and 27th for watching the European Water Polo Championship.

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