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  • Kollár Bálint

20/03/2014 11.32am

"You know, she don't believe what she heard at all/She started shakin' to that fine fine music/You know her life was saved by rock 'n' roll" - you might not be called Jenny and you might not like The Velvet Underground, but let's admit it: there aren't too many things in life that is better than rock music. In case you wonder, where to go if you want to hang out, drink a beer and listen to guitar heroes, here is our list of strings, uhm, venues.

Beat On The Brat is not only a popular meeting place of Budapestian hipsters and music-heads but a club with an impressive list of thematic nights: Past Perfect, Midtempo Allstars, Football & Pop - the list is ever growing, but one thing stays the same, and that is the fact, that you can hear the best kind of guitar-based music here from The Beatles to XTC. The bar is filled with posters and CD covers and beer is cheap - what else can you ask for? Maybe for more britpop and indie rock. If you agree, than the BritishMood parties are for you, Beatlehead!

For the fans of different "-core" genres (like metalcore or hardcore) and Phoenix Music Hungary, we can only recommend Dürer-kert. . Even though it might look like a ruin pub, don't be tricked - bands like Icage, Converge, Defeater or Protest The Hero played here and the place didn't only passed their test, but there is always a loyal crowd here, ready to rock out to their favourite songs. Not to mention the bartenders, who are always ready for a round with whoever invites them - don't hesitate to do so, they have great stories about the place, about the bands and about the guests. Dürer-kert is quite big - the main hall is open for more than five hundred people!RNR666 only takes one thing seriously: the concerts they organise. They already invited bands like Mombu, OvO or Jack Of Hearts to their headquarter, which is currently MÜSZI. If you see their name on a poster, you can be sure that you are up to a crazy, funny and trashy rock 'n' roll night.A38, the world’s most famous renovated Ukrainian stone-carrier ship, is floating on the Danube adjacent to the Buda side of Petőfi Bridge. It houses high-quality concerts of various styles - including rock music from punk-funk to avantgarde rock. The World's Best Club (according to Lonely Planet) has a top-floor terrace, but the main hall is the ship's belly. We can't imagine a more metal thing than headbanging and jumping into a mosh pit, while we are surrounded by tons of steel.

Trafik is a small club, housing mostly (post-)punk and hardcore matinees for those who are interested in underground club concerts and not-so-well-known, but talented bands. Be warned, that mosh pits and pogo may happen and the crowd won't say sorry. The latter goes for Barba Negra Music

too - but we must add that after the concerts, a special rock disco takes place so you can boogie-woogie and headbang until dawn. Club 202 (you might knew it as Wigwam Club) is also a nice choice if you a fan of a) indians and cheap beer, b) large concert halls with good sound system or both options. From heroic metal anthems (Rhapsody Of Fire) to oldschool trash bands (Gamma Ray) you will surely find something in the programme.If you are feeling ready to rumble, here's our list of club rockin' gigs:
Jack Of Hearts (FR), Gustave Tiger (HU)


MÜSZI (dirty rock 'n' roll, cathedral punk) 2014.03.30:
Gallon Drunk (UK), Ati Edge & The Shadowbirds (HU)



Trafik (screamo, punk, hardcore, doom) 2014.04.02:
Blood Red Shoes (UK), Slaves (UK), SONYA (HU)


A38 (post-punk, rock, pop)

Trafik (surf punk, garage 'n' roll)

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