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Budapest from a subjective point of view – by Printa


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21/09/2012 2.00am

Printa’s Pest is not a simple map for tourists, it’s not a flyer and it’s not a programme guide either. It’s much more like an adventure printed on a lovable little object. It is a special travel guide, an illustrated map with all the best memories and sights of the city.

The ideaThe customers and the tourists who visit Printa often ask about the best places of the city; they want to know about the best restaurants, the best party places and the best exhibitions – the Printa’s Pest publication is a little surprise for them. The ‘authors’ of Printa’s Pest tried to include ruin pubs, bars, galleries and shops where they take their own friends, when they come to Budapest. They also wanted to show the city from a different perspective – they way locals like it. The map was designed with the help of artists, friends and the whole Printa community.

This year there was a need for a new, upgraded map. On one hand, because the first one was so popular, that it has already sold out. On the other hand Budapest has changed a lot ever since, it was in constant motion – new shops and galleries were opened while some of the coolest ruin pubs closed for good within the last few months.

The mapThe designers of Printa’s Pest were mainly inspired by their own area, the seventh district and its surroundings. Choosing the format of the map was kind of obvious as the silkscreen printing techniques and the graphic designs are very important to the artists of Printa. The map was illustrated by young and talented designers, who created the map in the Printa workshop so from now on the graphic designs itself is also available in different formats. The map was placed in a gift box with 4 little postcards. The introductions and the texts were edited by journalist, Nick Robertson, who visited each and every place and wrote down his experiment.

Printa / Pest collectionThe gifts and the design pieces of Printa have always been decorated with the unofficial symbols of Budapest. The designers of the first concept store of the city reinterpreted the typical and slightly boring souvenirs; they created little bric-a-bracs that are inspired by the Budapest life and by the experiences of the local artists.

The following catch-phrases will probably sum up what the collection is all about: street art, typography, the love of graphic design. The Printa items are very popular amongst tourists, but locals are very much keen on them as well. These items are all made from quality fabrics that are all manufactured from environmental-friendly, recycled or bio materials.

As the city itself changes constantly the collection is expanding as well – with new items, new prints and new motifs. The whole collection has a unified image that is based on the subjective themes and patterns – this holds the Pest collection together. The collection, that is heavily based on typographic designs, includes various items, pillows, bags, badges, Tees and prints of different sizes.

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