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Szputnyik shops first t-shirt collection


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02/08/2012 2.00am

In order to expand its existing product range the shop joined forces with artist Mark Fridvalszki to launch an unique t-shirt collection. This is the first step in the realization of a long wished dream.

Szputnyik shop is a fashion concept that was created by mixing the old and new, offering vintage garments alongside contemporary designs for both men and women. The stock includes lots of items from different eras, different styles and trends from the beginning of the early 1920s up until today.
The collection entitled “Hello Cicu!” (~ “Hello Pussycat!) keeps focus on the importance of expressing one’s personal style. Connecting elements of these cool, casual summer-garments are: ease, emphasise on exciting details and daring patterns. All graphics make a statement; they all have a funny but somewhat provocative effect.
We got inspired by the search after the connection between the past and the present and its reconsideration.

It’s time to banish typical and appreciate the unique personality!

Each of these tees can be a spectacular element of one’s festival kit. It’s worth mentioning that beside the stores our tent at SZIGET festival is an add-on spot to get a hold on a piece.The designerThe 31 years old Mark Fridvalszki was born in Budapest, currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in 2011 in the faculty of graphics and painting. He is mainly active in the field of fine arts, although from 2008 he got involved with applied graphics and illustrations.

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