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6/5/2012 2:00 AM

Some people don’t need a sophisticated concept, a very specific research study of target audience and a conscious advertising campaign to open a place that has a serious ‘cool-factor’. Krisztián Vranik, a.k.a. Krizsó, who was managing projects and great places such as the Toldi or Anker is one of these people. Krizsó is just about to open his latest creation, which is the ultimate summer reinterpretation of Anker, called Anker’t (or AnKERT – the name has not been confirmed yet).

Despite the great intentions of creating such a place, which will be able to give home to more than 800 people on Paulay Ede Street, we can hardly hear anything about the grand opening which is due this weekend. We were lucky enough however, to check upon the constructions and we did it just to please our beloved trend-sensitive readers. We already knew that some people can create miracles, but we were more than surprised and impressed by what we saw. Behind the gates of number 33 on Paulay Ede Street there are two huge inner areas. But these areas are not like the typical courts belonging to a block of flats, they must have been the yards of a factory or something. The construction by the way is at a stage which would make everyone think that the place won’t be able to open till next year. However, knowing the crew of Anker and knowing that they’re driving in the fast lane it is more than possible that the grand opening will take place this Friday after all.

In the bigger, front area there is a bar and a dance floor while at the back there is a smaller, sandy beach. Kind of surreal isn’t it? It’s not quite common to have a dance floor at a place like this and it is also rather unlikely to have a beach right in the middle of the city, especially when we are talking about Pest. In the back area we can enjoy the sand and we can listen to the sounds of seagulls while the ocean is being projected on to the wall. On the dance floor we can scream our hearts out.

During the daytime there are drinks and foods, fresh vegetables, cocktails but one can play beach soccer or watch the matches on telly. When the sun goes down the groovy party lights and the party animals appear, along with the crazy beats and drinks.

The gigs will be more or less the same as in Anker. Different genres of music will be played during weekdays and party tunes on the weekends. We can enjoy the soccer battles on the LCD screens even in broad daylight. And guess what? A special menu offer comes along with the broadcasts. This way the guys can sit in front of the screen with two pints of lager while the girls are sipping on rosé in the back with the seagulls.

The venue is available for four years. Just enough time to let the trees grow but not enough to make huge changes that worth the investment. The owners don’t know yet if the place will be brought under a roof for the winter season. Maybe we can help them decide about it if we spend all our time and money here.

What about the guests? Well, we are quite sure that the place will be packed with

hipsters, fashion junkies, freelancers, movie-makers and nice drunkard youngsters. This place will be huge; three times bigger than Anker. Because of this reason chances are that the place will become more ‘residential’ but thanks to the owners it won’t end up like Doboz. Check the exclusive plans for the design in our gallery! When we were there we couldn’t take pictures but we promise that we will show you what Anker’t looks like in real life as soon as possible.

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