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AT Xmas - Last Minute Design Gifts


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17/12/2012 1.00am

We have absolutely no intention of either driving you into a frenzy or shoving the holiday spirit down your throat, but there’s less than a week left until Christmas Day. The long-awaited moment of gift-giving is right around the corner, which often tends to be a sizeable stress factor, and also a reason that forces you to roam around crowded malls in a last minute panic. Design Terminal’s Christmas fair, AT Xmas, is both a source of unique Hungarian design gifts and a peaceful island on the stormy seas of Budapest’s gift-gobbling craze. To make things easier on you, we’ve chosen the items dearest to our hearts, check them out!

Kata Mónus – Cutting-Edge Furniture

designed this experimental, one-of-a-kind piece of storage furniture

as her

diploma work . It was made with a

textile designer’s approach , which comes to life by combining a

soft fabric


wood , and which results in a product that differentiates itself from the

overworked schemes of furniture design .

Photo: Mónus Kata

Medence Group – Recycled Goodies

is an innovative and award-winning company providing

backpacks ,

handbags ,

wallets , and

various accessories , all made of

recycled materials . These



stylish products, at least during the weeks leading up to

Christmas Day , are not only sold on

Pipa utca , but can also be bought at

Design Terminal .

Photo: Medence Csoport

LOKALWEAR – Jewellery Not Only For Locals

Great news for


LOKALWEAR ’s brand new collection is available at

AT Xmas . The

handcrafted fashion jewellery

of the

Richelieu Collection combine the

shapes and


of world-famous

Kalocsa Lace

– also known as


– with different metals. One of the most spectacular stands at

Design Terminal , sprinkled with a spoonful of

Hungarian culture .

Photo: Lokalwear

YKRA Backpacks – Sturdy, Colorful, and Old School

You might feel overwhelmed by the mass majority of bags and backpacks mentioned in our top 5, but neglecting

YKRA’s collection

was certainly a no-go.

YKRA s – which are also sold at


– were inspired by the

old school backpacks of the 70s , and are guaranteedly long-lasting. The combination of good looks and great quality conjures a high price:

YKRA s cost

20,000 HUF .

Éva Magyarósi – Hellö, Kids!

The Hellö Collection consists of variedly shaped and sized stools decorated with unique, hand-drawn graphics. These tiny works of art are available in three sizes (to be perfectly precise: 20x20x25, 25x40x25, and 60x40x30 centimeters), and multifunctional pieces serving both as stools and as storage furniture are also sold at Design Terminal.

Photo: Hellö Design

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