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Fitness center test – day 3 – World Class Health Academy Marriott

We started testing fitness centers on the Pest side and we unveil a gym per day. What follows is the third part of our 7-day exercising rampage. Being January more and more people come up with their ubiquitous promises about regular exercising and healthy lifestyle. This encouraged us to seek out the opportunities offered by the biggest fitness centers of the Pest side of our capital, where comfort and luxury is utmost and it’s not so dragging to go day after day. Our third visit was paid to World Class Marriott.

Centers of World Class, which was founded in Sweden in the 80s, can be found throughout Europe, two of them in Budapest. The Sun Palace on the Buda side and the other center in Marriott Hotel both meet the requirements of the concept “Five-star Health Academy”. We chose the cosier World Class Marriott, where we were positively surprised to see the enthusiasm of the foreigners towards the group sessions. And the evening view from the fitness and cardio rooms is absolutely astonishing.The fact that we could hardly squeeze ourselves in for the 90-minute yoga session, which is far from belonging to the most popular of sessions, is an indicator of the fervor of the guests from abroad and the small size of the room. Still, it’s rare that someone can’t take part in a session of their choice due to room limitations, we’re told at the reception. The most popular session is spinning, where there’s surprisingly large room for the bikes. The wellness section is mostly for those who like saunas or cooling down after training in the jacuzzi. There’s no swimming pool but massage seems to be very well-frequented with guests leaving the room with smiles on their faces.1. Fitness: 10/8Those who wish for a huge room with a multitude of equipments should not choose World Class Marriott for fitness or cardio training. Those, however, who’d like to train next to an amazing view with modern equipments deep in thought or quiet conversation with their friends. The running machines are equipped with LCD screens, if staring at the Danube during training is not enough for a threshold stimulus. Only the side of the room is fit with miroors where the weights and some of the equipments are. There’s always a trainer in the room, who’s eager to help, should the need arise.

2. Group sessions 10/9Group sessions take place in a relatively small room, mainly in the afternoon. They are divided into 3 groups: mind, work and move, the names denoting the area to be developed. Thus, Body Balance, Yoga and Pilates make up the category aimed at flexibility and strength. Body Combat, Body Step, Spinning, X-fit, AB, Core and Box are for those who like simple but effective stamina exercises. The traditional aerobic-based dance sessions belonging to the third category will satisfy those who look for the pleasure of dynamics and choreography beside sweating.3. Wellness 10/7Inside the wellness section there’s a bigger sauna, a jacuzzi and a steam room. It’s rare to see crowds here, the cosy atmosphere of the whole of the center is to be found here, too. The sauna was renovated only recently and its environment is also very appealing but don’t expect anything special. The massage could definitely be an unforgettable experience, it’s loved by many guests of Marriott. There are many types to choose from and the environment won’t let you down, either.4. Services 10/6There are no buffets, only a coffee vending machine and the possibility to buy soft drinks at the reception. There’s no children’s room but upon entrance you not only get a locker key but a towel, too.5. Locker rooms/cleanness 10/9The cleanness is impeccable in the locker rooms and their design is also excellent. The hair-dryers perform very well, so you don’t have to bring yours along even if you have long hair. The changing rooms are not so spacious but as there are not many people, it’s not a problem. Besides cleanness, great attention is paid to decoration in the whole of the center, there are flowers, for example, to create a friendly mood.6. Price 10/8You can buy only a yearly membership at World Class, but there are different kinds based on how many centers you wish to visit. Only one or both of the Budapest ones or every World Class centers worldwide. The yearly membership at World Class Health Academy Marriott costs 139000 HUF, that could be significantly less, given it’s not your first card. The price includes eight guest entries, two consultations with a personal trainer every three months and 10 entries in any of their centers all around the world.

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