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Fitness center test – day two - Oxigen Fay

We started testing fitness centers on the Pest side and we unveil a gym per day. What follows is the second part of our 7-day exercising rampage. Being January more and more people come up with their ubiquitous promises about regular exercising and healthy lifestyle. This encouraged us to seek out the opportunities offered by the biggest fitness centers of the Pest side of our capital, where comfort and luxury is utmost and it’s not so dragging to go day after day. Our second visit was paid to Oxigen in Fáy Street.

There are three Oxygen fitness and wellness centers in Budapest, among which the newest one is that on Naphegy tér. We chose the Oxygen in Fáy Street specifically because this center is the only one to offer colorful and quality fitness and wellness service in the neighborhood.

The atmosphere at Oxygen Fay could best be described as friendly. It’s true for the services, the openness of the trainers who hold the group sessions and the community that considers the center its own. The noise made by the children arriving for the afternoon session offered specifically for them by Oxygen Fay further contributes to said friendly atmosphere.The schedule of group sessions at Oxygen Fay (which contains spinning as well) is very packed so you can come any time with the exception of early afternoon to visit any of them. There’s no swimming pool but it’s great that you don’t have to buy a yearly membership, you get a locker key upon entrance and there are additional services, such as a funhouse for children, a drying machine and buffets, that make your stay even more comfortable.1. Fitness 10/8The 500 squaremeter fitness floor offers the usual fitness equipment, enough room for warming up and stretching and a complete KINESIS-wall. The cardio-floor stretches on 250 squaremeters with its 62 Technogym and Life Fitness cardio-equipments. Each of them is a professional machine fit with LCD TVs, which will come in handy during a longer endurance training because the view outside from the machines is not the most eye-pleasing.2. Group sessions 10/9There’s a big and a small aerobic room on the third floor, where every session except for spinning takes place. We went for BodyArt and Kangoo, and we weren’t disappointed in neither. The spinning room is situated on another floor. The specialty of the bigger aerobic room is that apart from the usual equipment and kangoo shoes a disco globe is suspended from the ceiling. Sessions are held from 7 AM to 1 PM and 5 PM to 8 PM on weekdays. You are offered a selection of Kangoo, BodyArt, Hot Iron, Cardio Intervall, Ashtanga yoga, pregnancy yoga, spinal training, Capoeira and Port de Bras, to mention only the more special ones. The trainers are among the most well-known in Hungary, and they do everything to lure more and more people to their sessions from the other floors.3. Wellness 10/7The wellness section houses a bigger sauna, an infrasauna and a steam room. A pillar of ice is surrounded by the hot rooms, that does a good job at cooling down the place but cannot substitute for the cold shower or the downpour of ice cold water we can opt for after some time spent in the sauna. Additionally, you can find here a jacuzzi, some heated beds and a whole room for relaxation. There’s no swimming pool and another drawback is the relatively small area. In the mornings there aren’t many people here, so you can enjoy the services more or less undisturbed but in the afternoon and evening the gathering masses could spoil the experience.4. Services 10/8 Oxygencafé, which can also be found here, offers salads, shakes, sandwiches and other things. Many come here even if they don’t train in the center. Parking is available in the underground parking lot of the building. There’s a funhouse for children, too, where the first couple of hours until the kids get used to the place are free. Moreover, you can find here a cosmetics salon with special face and body treatments, a hairdresser’s, hypoxi training and speed fitness, as well.5. Locker rooms/cleanness 10/8The clean and dryer machine-equipped locker rooms feature Dove shower gels, too, instead of soaps that dry the skin, which is a fine addition really. The performance of the hair dryers is not too satisfactory, though, so those with long hair and in a hurry should bring theirs along. The changing rooms are spacious and well-lit, with big mirrors and sufficiently big lockers.

6. Price 10/7You can buy passes for one and ten entries, which can be of two different types: the cheaper, that gives you entry until 3 PM and the more expensive, that’s for all day. The day pass for the group sessions and the wellness sections costs 2100 HUF, the one for 10 entries is 16000 HUF, and the one for all day is 19000 HUF. If the you want to enhance the experience of the trio of aerobic, spinning and wellness with the utilization of the fitness equipment, the prices mentioned above change as follows: 2500 HUF, 19000 HUF and 23000 HUF.

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