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Success for ETEP 2.0; more festivals joining and a special program for Central Eastern Europe!


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13/07/2011 2.00am

Thanks to the recent grant from the European Commission ETEP 2.0 will grow from 60 participating festivals in 2011 to 100 in 2015. Together with in total 13 CEE - ETEP festivals in the CEE region and around 26 media partners, Eurosonic Noorderslag and co-organisers Sziget and Exit Festival will develop a scheme for the circulation of CEE artists and repertoire in Central Eastern Europe at the festivals and in the media, called CEETEP (Central and Eastern European Talent Exchange Program).
By working together the organisers and their media partners will help more CEE artists perform across borders within Central Eastern Europe and via shows at Eurosonic Noorderslag in the Netherlands throughout the whole of Europe and beyond.
Fruzsina Szép from Sziget Festival says: “A long wish and a plan that has developed during former Region Conferences in Budapest is finally taking shape by placing CEE talents on the European musical map.” Ivan Milivojev from Exit says: “CEETEP has started, festivals confirmed, media joined, I can feel the stir of new project being born out of great idea. Bands will start to circulate, I am delighted that all this happened at EXIT festival, to see this potent and beautiful cooperation at work. CEETEP has started, You`ll certainly hear more about it.“ Peter Smidt from Eurosonic Noorderslag says: “With radio stations and media from all countries confirming their participation i am confident CEETEP will have an impact for talent in the CEE countries. This is another step in beter circulation of European repertoire in Europe.“

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