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Hungaricum 2011 exhibition


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03/06/2011 2.00am

On this occasion thousands of students and youngsters are visiting Sopron to get a closer look on the youthful Hungary.

The organizers of VOLT decided to show the guests a vivid picture of our country through the glasses of a typical festival visitor, to let them see how we picture Hungary in 2011.

During the first round they gathered the ideas of the public: which items, foods, drinks, events, landscapes or celebrities may represent the young Hungary? What is considered trendy and what are the new Hungaricums of the 21st century?

The hosts of the festival believe that it will be really interesting for the visitors of 26 nations to see how Hungarians live their everyday life: what do they read, eat and drink, what are they proud of and where do they frequent.

During the online poll the audience chose the top 20 among more than 10000 suggestions!

The exhibition will present the TOP 20 Hungaricums of 2011.

During the exhibition each Hungariacum will be presented with an illustration, a slogan and a mentor (a recognized Hungarian public figure). Besides Hungarian, the exhibition will be presented in English and German as well. An album will be issued including the exhibited material and the HNTO will also display the collection abroad.

You can vote to the Hungaricumson this link, and check them in our gallery!

Lake Balaton, Vitamin C, Erős Pista (lit. Strong Steve), Spritzer, Goulash soup, Herend porcelain, Sausage, Lángos (~fried dough), Hungarian folktales, Hungarian vizsla, Makó onions, Palinka (fruit brandy), Pick salami, Red paprika, Stew, Puli dog, Ferenc Puskas, Rubik’s cube, SZIGET Festival, Soda, Grey Cattle, Tankcsapda, Tisza Shoes, Turo Rudi (Dots), Unicum, VOLT Festival, WAMP Art Fair

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