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17/03/2011 1.00am

Start our walk at lunchtime. Look around in the beginning of Dob Street to see what we can find there.

There is a greengrocer’s right in front of you. The importance of vegetables are a little underestimated, but you can buy vegetables anywhere and any time. Having bites of a previously bought fruit in a greengrocer’s on the street is a small pleasure of life. Of course, it raises some hygienic issues, but life is dangerous. It is not important which grocery you choose, but if you would like to have some prime quality supply, you need to visit Jókai Square. There is a tip-top greengrocer’s having excellent quality fruits and vegetables.

Of course, you can eat something else in Dob street. You can find Shalimar Indian restaurant and the exotic Hanna orthodox kosher restaurant here.

Rumbach Sebestyén Street is the first cross and if you take a left turn, you will find a recently renovated Synagogue and one of the best shops in the city, which is called Printa. In this little shop, you can buy copies of contemporary graphics and everyday objects decorated with them. You can also acquire the techniques of screen printing.

One entrance of the Godzsu courtyard opens from the street and although the building has not come to life yet, its architecture, history and the story of how to fit the building in the cityscape are quite interesting. Gouba market is held on every Sunday where you can buy craftsman products mainly.

Next to the entrance of the courtyard, there is a kosher grocery store. There is the Spinoza house opposite the arcade, which is a restaurant with live music and a theatre as well. Dob 22 Gallery, a little farther away, is a second-hand dealer full of with genuine junks, old books, pieces of furniture and many other things you can imagine. Do not expect a ‘big fish’ here, but there may be an object that you will immediately fall in love with.Arriving to Klauzál Square, if you are hungry enough, you can spend your lunch that you deserve in Kádár canteen We are not completely fascinated by this legendary eating-place, but it is worth a visit. After lunch, you can walk back to 22 Dob Street, where you will find Fröhlich confectionery. This is the only kosher confectionery in Hungary and has been operating for 57 years and these were all the good things in it. After having some cakes, the best that we can do is to walk back to Klauzál Square and have an hour rest in the sunshine.

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