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New Year''s Eve: what are you looking for?

No matter how New Year''s Eve Parties of years past went down, people always give a chance to that very evening. For we find it important where, with whom, and with what we spend those particular moments of saying goodbye to the old and greeting the new year.  Or, maybe, because we want to party in a new place, exploring new ways and with different intensity than what’s usual. There’re quite good odds at finding an appropriate place in Budapest to spend you New Year’s Eve at if you know what to look for. Let us help a little…


Gödör Essence, or why would you want to change something that works just fine? Those who have ever partied here at New Year’s Eve know that this will be one of the most cheerful parties with the nicest guys and girls. Bori Rutkai, Specko Jedno, Intim Torna Illegál, Soerii and Poolek, the musical editors of MR2: DJ Izil and McPublo will supply the music. There’s going to be lentil sauce, frankfurter, cabbage soup and fireworks, too. Entry fee: 3000/4000 HUF.

2012 End of the World – The Last New Year’s Eve with TILOS Radio is the title of the New Year’s Eve Party organized by Dürer Kert. Zuboly farewell concert, Korai Öröm, Palotai, Cadik, Titusz and a lot more in the Big and the Small Hall, and Téli Kertem. As for dinner, you can count on some cabbage soup here, as well. Entry fee: 3000/3500 HUF.

A38 - Soundattack New Year’s Eve. On board will be Palotai vs. Ludmilla, Irie Maffia Dj Set, Dj Mira, Dj Juhász Laci and a lot more providing the cheerful, fun and fast-paced night. The peculiarity of the party boosting the atmosphere is the music by Palotai made solely for this occasion. Entry fee: 4.000 HUF.

At Club Play the Fuck 2011 - Buda Side New Year Party awaits with unlimited drinks and star DJs. Julia Carpenter, Bárány, Lacora, Kaufer, Havlik G, Poli, their exclusive mixes and light show are to be expected at the party. Tickets in advance: 8000/12000 HUF, tickets on site: 10000/15000 HUF.

There will be a party at Ötkert, too, where you can dance to the music of Kerekes Band, Havlik G., Jami and Soulja. Entry for boys is 4000 HUF, for girls it’s 2000 HUF and the first 100 girls can enter free of charge.

A Hajógyári szigeten lévő Bed Beach idén a Ballantines Music Awards 2011-es díjazottjait állítja a DJ pult mögé. Többek közt Sterbinszky gondoskodik majd a Bed Beach-hez hű hangulatról. Jegyek 2900/4900 HUF-ért kaphatók a helyszínen.Elegant fade-inAt Minyon Bar posh dinner, good wines, lottery with valuable winnings and dance awaits those interested until dawn. However, if “only” good company, party and cocktails are the forces driving you, you should rather choose the Bohém ticket, which comes with a small bottle of champagne if bought in advance. Disco, soul, funk and house music will make you dance after the overture of Lounge Dinner Session. Entry fee is 3000 HUF or 12000 HUF (depending on type).

The DiVino wine bar’s New Year’s Eve Party will differ in one thing from those held throughout the year. If you buy one of the 300 lottery tickets, which can also be bought in advance for 2500 HUF, you might be the lucky one who wins the Vespa scooter after the midnight anthem. Entrance is for free.

The maximum number of people at Iguana restaurant at New Year’s Eve will be 100 so the friendly atmosphere is guaranteed. Dishes will be what you would expect from the place: Mexican flavors all around. Besides the dinner the 16000 HUF entry fee includes two glasses of wine or beer, a welcome drink of choice and a glass of champagne.

The seven restaurants at Liszt Ferenc Square happily welcome guests at New Year’s Eve, too. Karma, Bohémia, Jazzy Pub, Mediterrán Bistro, Pompei, Café Vian and Passion restaurants all offer the atmosphere, menu and flavors expected of them. Live music and a wide selection of quality drinks also make the places unique, you just have to choose which one you feel like drinking.

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