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„This exhibition is re-baptism for me” interview with Rita Ackermann in Ludwig Museum

About 20 years ago Rita Ackermann studied painting for two years at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Since then she moved to the United States and has been working as a successful artist. She visits Hungary twice a year. We met Rita at her exhibition opening in Ludwig Musem.

We Love Budapest: What does this exhibition in Ludwig mean to you?

Ackermann: This exhibition is special to me for two reasons. On the one hand I haven’t exhibited in such an important museum, previously just a few of my projects were introduced, and this is like putting all or my works together. On the second hand I feel that I came home and want to show my parents and my country: this is what I deal with, this is what I did in the past 17 years. For instance my parents can see most of my paintings at the first time tonight at the opening, therefore I’m very excited. Lots of things are happening to me now.

WLB: You have had exhibition in several countries. Do you feel any difference in the reaction of the European, American and Japanese public?
RA: Japan was a very interesting experience. In the 1990s there was a sudden interest in such drawings which started my career. Drawings (manga) in Asia are very important part of culture and they thought that I came up with a new kind of manga style, so they got really interested in me. Then I switched to a different artistic direction and the interest declined. Regarding Europe and America, I think I’ve always remained a European in the US and a little bit American in Europe. I feel the impact of belonging nowhere in my art, but this doesn’t prevent me from doing what I really want to do.
WLB: Do you often feel homesick?
AR: Not really, distances seem so small now; I’m not further from my family than an average American. With the help of communication, distance disappears and the feeling of homesickness rarely comes up.
WLB: Why did you pick up the name Ackermann?
RA: I didn’t want to seem an Eastern-European in the beginning in New York, I thought it would be unpleasant. I picked up my grandmother’s name as an artist name. From this perspective the exhibition is like a re-baptism for me, but legally I still have my original name, Bakos.

WLB: Which place do you always visit when you are at home?

RA: I’m pretty much in my hometown in Budaörs, I often visit Stone mountain there, I really like that place. I can’t mention a favourite one.

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