In his time-lapse videos Péter Dancsó undertakes the task to immortalize Budapest for the ‘next-next-next’ generation who is going to live in Budapest in 100 years time. He is peering alone the dark sky with his camera at night and watching its every vibration.

PéterDancsó began his career as an amateur filmmaker and had learnt all that we see from him as an autodidact. Although he appeared in his early short films with his friends, nowadays he works as a freelance camera-man or a film editor.

The freelancefilm-maker’s secondary activity is taking photos. Even though he feels he is better at film-making, he thinks he can use the combination of both as a perfect tool for making time-lapse videos. It was two years ago when he first started to inquire about time-lapse photography, after having a look at some old photo collections from the beginning of the 20th century. At that time he decided to record the city for the generation who is going to live here a century later.

However, Dancsó created a tradition with his videos and is going to present his compilation about 2012 at the end of this year. In this new compilation we can expect new methods, such as the HDR time-lapse, the collection of high-range photo series shooted from various exposure settings.

In his 3-minute long films many places of Budapest appear which vary from year to year. Dancsó added that the shortest time of recording was only 10 minutes but he has already stood 5 hours next to his camera just to grab the moments of sunrise. Among his dreams he mentions to make someday a more than one day long time-lapse. He also tells, in a funny way, he doesn’t like getting up early, thus he has turned sunset into sunrise not only once.

The artist likes when these films have a so called ‘Budapest-roaming’ spirit, like someone sets off to explore Budapest alone at night. Dancsó wants to give back the feeling he experiences outside alone. He has found himself in this kind of film-making and says, just a very few people deals with this type of filming because it requires lots of patience. Sometimes he also records invisible things, such as boat traffic on the river Danube or the lights of cars passing over bridges.

If he could ask for anything? He votes for shooting from the air: he would pass over the city between the legs of the bridge until the top of the Citadel. And in which other city would he make similar videos? In Paris, definitely. Besides the time-lapse videos of the 24-year-old talent -as he mentions- his beloved activity is making feature films. In the future he wishes to make comedies; nevertheless he will visit spots alone with his camera in Budapest too.

You can find more information about Péter Dancsó here, here and here.