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Absolut Vodka Mode Edition and the Hungarian fashion designers

ABSOLUT VODKA is a true classic by all measures, and as most of the icons, ABSOLUT also finds pleasure in coming up with new things. Their limited edition bottles are the instruments of novelty this time. As a means to augment the Hungarian campaign five fashion designers, Dóra Mojzes, Réka Vágó, Janka Juhos, Anh Tuan and Dóri Tomcsányi, designed unique, limited accessories inspired by nothing else but the ABSOLUT MODE EDITION bottle.

ABSOLUT MODE EDITION is an initiative for ABSOLUT VODKA to pay homage to fashion. The crystal-looking sides of the bottles were designed so as to reflect light, and the silk ribbon is a reflection of the fashion world. The campaign is about the glamorous world of photographers, stylists and models. This cooperation between ABSOLUT and the world of fashion is not a newborn idea, as the Swedish company has worked with such brands as Gucci or Versace, and designers Hussein Chalayant and Stella McCartney. Absolut Vodka is proud to have collaborated with photographers such as Herb Ritts, Ellen Von Unwerth or Helmut Newton. ABSOLUT MODE EDITION is a kind of tribute to the works of iconic photographers, and the cooperation with young talents makes it really current.
As a means to augment the Hungarian campaign five fashion designers, Dóra Mojzes, Réka Vágó, Janka Juhos, Anh Tuan and Dóri Tomcsányi, designed unique, limited accessories, inspired by nothing else but the ABSOLUT MODE EDITION bottle. Among the accessories there are leather bracelets, a belt, a necklace, a bag, a scarf, a brooch, and a clutch, too. Each bears the characteristic marks of its respective designer as well as the world of ABSOLUT MODE EDITION. Ten were made of all the accessories, making the cooperation of ABSOLUT VODKA and the designers even more exclusive. The accessories can either be won as part of the campaign, or they can be bought.

A fashion show organized by Budapest Essential Looks and InStyle will bring the campaign to a close on 2 December. It will take place in one of Hungary’s most beautiful shopping center, Váci1 (1 Váci Street). At the afternoon event some designers taking part in the campaign will also appear with their fall/winter collection, thus, making a debute. Furthermore, visitors can take a look at the ABSOLUT MODE EDITION accessories and see Zoltán Tombor’s photo exhibition titled AbsolutEly.
The five Hungarian designers of ABSOLUT MODE Réka Vágó

Réka Vágó was a sculptor of objects using clay and plasticine even as a child. A little later she became dancer, and at competitions she could gather first-hand experience about the duality of shoes – beauty and comfort, looks and health. This is reflected in her works, too. She learnt the how-tos of shoe design and shoemaking at schools such as the Bratislava Art University, London College of Fashion and Moholy-NagyArtUniversity. She’s worked together with the legendary Tisza Cipő, the elegant Juhos Manufaktúra and the noted Aquanauta design team. Although she created her own brand in 2006, she still lays great importance on cooperation among designers of all nature.  Her collections do not only impress the audience with shoes but accessories, belts, bags, and even bracelets at times. She trusts that her works will become available both overseas and in the Scandinavian region.
Dóra Mojzes

Dóra Mojzes majored in textile costume design at Moholy-NagyArtUniversity. In 2008 she was awarded the first prize of Magyar Alkotóművészek Országos Egyesülete (Association of Hungarian Artists) for her dissertation work titled “Organic shapes – futuristic looks” Through her collections and clothes she aims to bring to life the fabric and the accessories and their unrelenting harmony with their wearer. She intends to create the style of the 21st century woman, a woman who’s open, confident, determined, successful in her profession and her days are determined by the need for feeling a woman. She regards her clothes as being instruments for expressing art. Having been praised in Kanye West’s blog and not much later seeing Tyra Banks at a shooting in Doramojzes were defining and motivating experiences in her life. She has won many awards both in Hungaryand abroad, and this year saw her receiving yet another one, Glamour Women of the Year.
Janka Juhos

Janka Juhos studies metal design at Moholy-NagyArtUniversity. She wants to utilize the experiences she gained at school in the field of jewelry design. She, however, quite surprisingly, doesn’t really wear jewels, she prefers making them, and seeing as, worn by others, they mirror her work. And what does she deem important in jewels? Jujj Jewellery collections are the fortunate conjunction of the conveyance of certain moods and the appropriate proportioning.  Her ars poetica in her own clear, fine and humbly simple wording of one of her works: “The collection of jewels is the special interpretation of femininity. The bodies of the jewels are tender rounded shapes surrounding an intimate space. They are the primitive re-interpretations of fertility.”
Ahn Tuan

Luu Ahn Tuan is a Vietnam-hailed Hungarian fashion designer. She studied at Moholy-NagyArtUniversityand London College of Fashion. As a token of respect for her work she was chosen the Best Young Fashion Designer of the Year in 2007 by the Association of Hungarian Fashion Designers, and she repeated the same feat a year later but this time at the Fashion Awards Hungary Gala. Apart from her acknowledgments in Hungaryshe has had the chance to make a debut in Londonand New York, too. Her collections emanate calmness and harmony. She works with special surfaces and techniques developed by herself, and she mingles it with traditional crafting techniques giving rise to a feeling of a kind of “modern luxury”. Her clothes are mostly dominated by the combination of leather and textile, complemented by metal applications at times. Every work of her bears a character while being elegant – they’re “Tuan-style” natural. This world is inspired by trips to the East, nature peoples and folk costumes, and it’s enchanting and unique.
Dóri Tomcsányi

Dóri Tomcsányi majored in knitting at Moholy-Nagy Art University, and also studied arts in Paris. A former designer of Kepp showroom, she has been working alone now, and has a showroom of her own and webdesigner Bálint Sikó, The Garden Studio, since spring.  Their intention was to create a workshop where they can introduce themselves with pieces of clothing, furniture or even graphic design. Their concept takes after a garden where the plants can grow instinctively without the “constraint” of flowerbeds. Their idea paid off as Dóri Tomcsányi is constantly approached with orders from all over the world. Her works are loved in London, Berlin, New York, Cyprus and Prague, too. It seems the founders of The Garden Showroom are real inspiration for each other despite the seemingly undeniable differences between their jobs.

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