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Innio: and it works!


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28/10/2011 2.00am

Do you like wine? Would you like to drink good wines at a good place? And this in a way that the proficient staff educates you a little if you feel like it? Would you like to experience that the world is your playground at a place of high standards where you can chill out, and to find all this within close reach? Well, do we have to go on, or are you already on your way?

Attention, please, the next stop is 9 Október 6. Street, where for some days everything is about civilized and easy wine drinking and the enjoyment of life.

Because it’s good to drink, good to eat, and good to live – reads the motto of the place. And the case is they’re not fake. Yet, there’s nothing flashy, there are no sensational elements to grab your attention, there are no puppies, seals, or cute babies that undoubtedly guarantee even a Hollywood blockbuster with ease. There is something different, though. And what there is, is inniovation.

Photo: Innio Borbár

There is a wine bar which, upon entering, evokes the arcaded walls of such Italian cities as Florence, Padua or Rome having seen and lived the coolest events of history and delivers the bustling pulsation of 21st century metropolis.

There’s an imposing selection, that appears and offers itself on the wine menu as reflections of our moods. At last! We don’t always want to be experts, we can’t always decide what to drink based on the name and the description provided, which is usually the same as that on the label. But if our eyes are directed by well-communicated sentences suggesting which wine suits our current mood, we are no longer in trouble. And this is what they do here, directing us – but only gently, we can easily let go of them -, so that we can lay back saying we’re home, and we can unload our minds. They seem to know if we have some problems and help cheerfully to make us forget about them in no time.

Photo: Innio Borbár

Is it really this simple? Yes, it is. The secret might be that there’s no secret. But, of course, this is doubtful, since it is a well-thought-out enterprise with a strategy and business plan, and even a stock to go with it. And these are serious things, right? Luckily, being serious is limited to the back office, life takes over unobstructedly in the front. And life is there, for sure! Whether sitting at the bar chatting with the sommelier, or at a table having drinks with the friends, or indeed, no matter how. The “good to live” atmosphere permeates the whole place. So little wonder that after some time one feels like trying out the third “good to”, “good to eat”. And boy, is it worth it! A fine cheese or ham plate, for instance – no complications here, either, everything is in its place. In such a natural way, when we say that Sunday comes after Saturday. No one questions it, what would be the use, right? Now, this type of maxim is in work here, too. We hope that it will remain the same for a long time, steadfastly, and unshakably, because the city, Budapest needs a place of this leasurely fun.

Photo: Innio Borbár

So the case is that from now on it will be worth taking more walks in the center of Budapest, or, to be more precise, the center of the city of Budapest. Walks a little further than the St. Stephen’s Basilica but no further than the corner of Október 6.and Zrínyi Street. And the best in all of this is that after some time we don’t even have to find excuses why we come here because by then probably everybody we know will come here realizing that it’s “good to live” this way.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot the most important thing: you don’t have to believe us, go and try it out yourselves and write down your opinions. Then we could have a chat beside a glass of kadarka, for example. You know the address, you can’t miss it.

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