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Scrap metal transforms into a gallery of sculpture art

Photo : Nagy Anita

One man’s trash is another man’s canvas, as demonstrated in the Amazing Scrap Metal Gallery which has just opened in Budapest. Sculptures here reach as high as three metres and are made entirely of old car parts. Gears, springs, cogs and other metal chunks are transformed into pop culture characters and creatures. The location is also unusual: the basement of an axe-throwing bar deep in party central.

Photo: Nagy Anita

There are 30 pieces in the gallery, including a life-size Terminator, the Donkey from Shrek, a chameleon with undulating lights in its interior, and the Alien from, well, Alien. Guests are allowed to touch all the pieces, and in some cases, even climb up!


Kids will be especially fond of the Bumblebee sculpture, from whose extended arm hangs a swing.

Photo: Nagy Anita

The Amazing Scrap Metal Gallery is downstairs at Balta Dobálás on Dohány utca, an axe-throwing bar which is already a popular alternative attraction in town. The gallery was officially opened this November, with champagne and exclusive hors d’oeuvres, although the caviar failed to impress younger guests. The gallery has been a project long in the making, says PR manager Lilla Kucsera. It was inspired by a trip taken by co-owners Alpár Tóth, Zoltán Kovács and Balázs Koltai through Asia, where the pieces are now made by scrap artists.

Photo: Nagy Anita

The gallery was also opened with a creative ribbon-cutting ceremony: a metal chain which Balázs Koltai severed with a handheld saw.

Photo: Nagy Anita


Photo: Nagy Anita

Miniatures of the sculptures seen in the gallery can be purchased at the bar, so visitors can bring a bit of the unusual art home to adorn their living rooms. A short video shows the welding process on site in Thailand, and the arrival and installations here in Budapest.


Amazing Metal Art Gallery / Werkfilm / Budapest from Hegedus Films on Vimeo.


More information can be found on the gallery website.

District VII. Dohány utca 30

Open: Mon-Sun 10am-10pm

Admission: Mon-Fri 2,490 HUF/family ticket (2+1 or 1+2) 2,190 HUF, Sat-Sun/hols 2,990 HUF/family ticket 2,490 HUF. Combined admission with the axe-throwing bar soon available.