Don’t suck, it’s straw-free August!

Photo : Norbert Hartyányi / WLB

Plastic is slowly sucking the life out of the environment. Something as small as a straw that you only use for 20 minutes ends up in the ocean taking 200 hundred years to decompose. In Hungary alone, the number of straws used in one year would be enough to wrap around the globe two and a half times. Although not using a straw is only a minuscule contribution you can make towards saving the environment, many a little makes a mickle – so don’t suck! Preferably not at all, but at least not in August. One Budapest foundation is taking the lead.

At the big International Coastal Cleanup in 2018, straws were among the top 10 items collected from the planet’s waters. As the environment is now deteriorating so fast there is almost too much to do, especially for large corporations, small contributions on an individual level help more than you think. For the third time, Budapest’s Felelős Gasztrohős Foundation, that educates consumers on sustainable gastronomy, has launched a straw-free August campaign that many bars, pubs, restaurants and hangouts have already joined nationwide.


Photo: Bálint Hirling / WLB

In August, customers are being asked to pay extra attention so that no straw is put in their glass when they order a drink, or if it is, then it’s made of paper, metal or something recyclable or easily decomposable.


Photo: WLB

In Budapest, many sustainable bars, restaurants, pubs and hangouts follow eco-friendly practices and don’t give you a straw at all – so whenever you can, don’t ask for one!