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5 best spots for the perfect Sziget selfie

Photo : Rockstar Photographers

Some selfies taken at the Sziget Festival beggar belief. The relaxed atmosphere and the party spirit don’t always bring out the best results. Here we suggest five spots around the Island of Freedom where you should be able to snap the most beautiful images of yourselves – whatever the mood.

Luminarium – Daedalum

Photo: László Mudra / Rockstar Photographers

The Luminarium is always a must-see spot at Sziget, not only when it comes to selfies. With its psychedelic colours and anthill-like tunnels, the Daedalum labyrinth introduces you to a different world, one you feel like you’re discovering for the first time.


Before I Die

- Photo: Kata Major / Rockstar Photographers

Before I Die is another popular Sziget feature, one where people keep returning to accentuate or even expand on the highlights of their bucket list. Here you can record your heart’s craziest desires or read the most outlandish and sometimes heartbreaking dreams of others.



Light Tunnel

Photo: Máté Bodorkós / Rockstar Photographers

One of Sziget’s most revered – and therefore busiest – installations is the Light Tunnel, filled with beams of illumination, perhaps representing the Milky Way. It’s always handy to have a galaxy around when you’re taking a selfie.



WOW Hungary Sziget Beach – Cökxpôn Chill Garden

Photo: Attila Polyák / Rockstar Photographers

Sziget Beach and Chill Garden are great places to relax and, of course, snap a selfie or three, especially if you want to show off that streamlined upper body. If you’d rather not have other chill merchants dotted around the background, there are some wood installations that might serve the purpose.



Hungaricum Village

Photo: Attila Polyák / Rockstar Photographers

The Hungaricum Village is fun for Hungarians as well as foreigners – the traditions of the far-off regions of Hungary are almost as exotic to people from Budapest as they are for visitors from Berlin or Brussels. You can take a few unique selfies amid the exhibited folk games and buildings but for the real McCoy, snap those boot-slapping folk dancers.