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Sziget Festival’s Love Revolution brings Jane Goodall to Budapest

Photo : Jane Goodall

This Thursday, 8 August, world-renowned primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall will appear on the main stage of the Sziget Festival to talk about protecting the environment and the importance of climate change.

Every year, the Sziget Festival goes greener and greener, reducing its ecological footprint and promoting its Love Revolution theme that backs causes such as human rights, peace and anti-racism. This year, not only headliners will take the main stage, but also the Climate Special Party, to present talks and performances whose focus is sustainability.


Its main event will be on Thursday, 8 August, when Jane Goodall talks about the importance of protecting our environment. Ms Goodall will be introduced to the festival crowd by the UK ambassador to Hungary, Iain Lindsay, and the event will be shared live on the UK in Hungary Facebook page.

Photo: Sziget Festival

Other highlights of the Climate Special Party include a dance show by choreographer and human rights activist Drew Dollaz on 10 August, his performance inspired by issues such as childhood bullying and poverty, and another by Swiss artists, Dakota & Nadia, on 11 August, about issues of domestic violence. On 12 August, Emi Mahmoud, poet, activist, UNHCR Goodwill ambassador and former refugee, will also appear on the main stage.


Photo: Sziget Festival

Sziget’s other eco-friendly practices include Re:glasses, encouraging revellers to return their used cups and glasses instead of ditching them for a fresh one each time. Straws are not automatically given with your drink – even if you specifically ask for one, instead of plastic, you get a paper one.


The festival has also set up an EcoCamp, a nature-friendly tent site served by solar-powered showers, water-efficient toilets, selective waste collection, biodegradable cleaning products, green electricity and an eco-laundry service.


Photo: Sziget Festival

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