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Moon inspires Budapest park overhaul

Photo : We Love Budapest

The Socialist-era concept of a park and playground alongside a housing estate has just been given a 21st-century makeover in Óbuda. Communally planned Holdudvar Park dates back to 1975. Now shaded greenery has been complemented by a larger playground as well as slides, street workout machines and a running track, new ping-pong and chess tables, plus multifunctional street furniture. We paid it a revisit.

This part of Óbuda owes its look to the 1970s, when residential blocks were constructed over old housing. Holdudvar Park is surrounded by ten-storey buildings on Vörösvári út, Bécsi út and Váradi utca.

Photo: We Love Budapest

Ybl Prize-winning landscape designer Anikó Andor paid great attention to the diverse needs of the community, and created a stage and a large water surface beside the playground and slide park. After intensive use over more than 40 years, many features were in poor shape.


At the time of construction, it was important for local residents to relate to the space, which is why it was called Holdudvar (‘Moon Yard’) because its slopes resembled the lunar landscape. This legacy is continued with a moon-themed playground.

Photo: We Love Budapest

Funds to the tune of 700 million forints came from city and district coffers. Fenced-off and expanded, the playground now includes a UFO climbing tower and a slippery climbing feature that echoes the Apollo era.


Above the sandpit, a sailboat has been mounted, and the larger rocks have been smoothed down. Between the two hills, the slide park remains, complemented by a communal area for teenagers, with ping-pong tables and a nest-shaped swing.

Photo: We Love Budapest

The sports corner features outdoor workout equipment and a 450-metre running track. A theatre is now set up in the central area, where you will also find picnic and chess tables, sunbeds, benches, an arbour waiting to flower and a fountain.

Photo: We Love Budapest

The central slopes have been turned into a dog-friendly zone, where you can let your pet out without a leash before 7am and after 7.30pm, providing you clean up any mess.

Photo: We Love Budapest

Also part of the renovation, more than 50 trees have been planted and varied vegetation created, so a pleasant, green and shaded park beckons to the communal flats above.


Holdudvar Park

District III. Ágoston utca 4