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BrodyLand bartender to mix for Hungary at the Bacardi Legacy cocktail competition in Amsterdam

Photo : Gergely Staszkiv

A man who squeezes the juice out of ginger with his bare hands, BrodyLand’s talented bartender Gergely Staszkiv is heading for Amsterdam to represent Hungary at the Bacardi Legacy semi final. Selected from the top three local candidates by an expert jury, Gergely then had to win another round in Moscow to determine who would shake things up against the best of the best. This week, Gergely works his magic to impress the judges with his signature mix, Fuerza Positiva.

Fuerza Positiva is a tasty concoction that packs a punch, sprinkled with a little magic. A classic Mai Tai with a twist, Fuerza Positiva is made of Bacardi 8 rum for walnutty flavour, Italian artichoke liqueur Cynar for a soupçon of bitterness, Giffard brandy for a peachy punch, plus lime, sugar syrup and freshly squeezed ginger juice. And here comes the magic: the decoration is two drops of truffle oil, which mingles ever deeper in the drink as it warms up, embellishing the flavours as you sip, and sip, and sip, and sip… trust us, it’s hard to stop.

Photo: Gergely Staszkiv

Using a magician’s hat as his trademark, Gergely plays up the magical element on stage with a few tricks along the way – like changing the colour of his shirt or squeezing the juice out of ginger with his bare hands. But beyond the showmanship, his drink also holds an important message: drawing inspiration from a global movement, the power of positivity, Gergely aims to show that magic, big or small, is found everywhere in the world, whether it is the power in people to help one another, or the flavours that mingle in this little drink.


Photo: Gergely Staszkiv

Fuerza Positiva will be facing off against concoctions by the top mixologists of other competing countries at the semi final on 12-13 May in Amsterdam. Until then, try it at BrodyLand, Babka, Barside, BB’z, Good Spirit, Hotsy Totsy, Piña, Kiosk, Société, TG Italiano, Tokyo and Publikum, or in the form of a macaron at La Delizia. At BrodyLand and BB’z, the drink comes with Gergely’s original decoration, a baby peach soaked in truffle oil. As it was found to be too complex for consideration at international competition, elsewhere the two drops of truffle oil suffice.