BpBARbq boys now cook up fine meat from morning to midnight

Photo : László Mudra / We Love Budapest

BpBARbq is one of the places in Budapest where quality and bonhomie are a given. Many come from far and wide for the famed Reuben sandwich of smoked brisket and sour cabbage, the monster burger or a pulled pork sandwich. And while maintaining standards, the team here experiments, too. Why not, when crunchy pork knuckle can be prepared in the hand-crafted Pit Box?

With BpBARbq, it was love at first sight. Fortunately, we weren’t the only ones, and soon everyone was beating a path to the place where Zsolt Serényi and Roland Urbán were smoking up a storm with their special barbecue unit. Meats of ever better quality were falling off the bone. Larger groups hosted communal feasts, couples met on carnivorous dates. The boys carried on testing things out, happy if something hit the mark.

Photo: Bálint Hirling / We Love Budapest

They work with charcoal, small chunks of wood, which means that a pleasant smoke imbues the whole meat for a finer flavour. They don’t water down the sauce, either, putting into practice the complex yet thrilling skill that is BBQ technology rather than just something that is squirted out of a bottle.

Photo: Bálint Hirling / We Love Budapest

Recently Zsolt and Roland greeted a new arrival to the BpBARbq terrace: a D-Oven Pit Box, a structure to compete with the so-called beehive ovens. It can be used at low temperatures, the so-called slow-burn like other pit boxes, but the D-Oven is also suitable for heating at higher temperatures, the ‘D’ standing for duck – in the upper part, even the famous Peking duck can be prepared, hung in the oven with hooks.

Photo: Bálint Hirling / We Love Budapest

Of course, BpBARbq isn’t famous for its Asian cuisine, more its American-style meat, but they have also tried all-in-one main dishes. Pork knuckle is a particular favourite – and the porchetta turns out particularly succulent in the new oven.

Photo: Bálint Hirling / We Love Budapest

For a fair time, just like everyone else around them, the boys have been serving late breakfasts. But now they’ve decided to prepare mid-morning eats, changing their opening hours from 10am to midnight. In the morning, all the dishes on the menu from ribs to burgers can be ordered, along with the house BBQ English breakfast.

Photo: Bálint Hirling / We Love Budapest

And for those coming for dinner, we would also recommend the equally new pork ribs dishes – especially if there are a few of you, as up to three people pay 6,490 forints, up to five, 11,990. ‘Dish’ may be an understatement, as the ribs come with so many accompaniments, they barely fit on the table. As smoky as it needs to be, harmoniously seasoned and soft in texture, each rib is delicious to chew. It’s a great communal activity, lips smacking over the last morsels – and don’t stand on ceremony, the bravest among you should just grab the last one.

Photo: Bálint Hirling / We Love Budapest

If there’s room for dessert, the túrógombóc is a wise choise, curd-cheese dumplings with sour cream and blackcurrants.



District VII. Akácfa utca 24

Open: Daily 10am-midnight