Specialty coffee and doughnut combos are king at Badass Coffee & Donut

Photo : Milán Medgyesi / WLB

A combo of a doughnut and coffee is king any time of the day. At Badass Coffee & Donut near Árpád Bridge you can try exciting variations such as maple syrup-bacon, matcha tea-bean cream, or more classic flavours like blackberry-vanilla or cherry-chocolate. Wraps and grilled sandwiches also feature.

The owner, Viki Fehérvári, was in finance when she developed a serious love for specialty coffee. But, as Budapest is now filled to the brim with specialty cafés, she knew she needed a little more. A trip to America helped her find the perfect pairing for the beloved java, doughnuts, and last April she abandoned her career for a dream, to open Badass Coffee & Donut on Váci út.

Photo: Milán Medgyesi / WLB

The choice of location, a bit further away from town, was intentional. According to Viki, the city centre is already filled with specialty cafés, and people working in offices around this area also needed a chance to get their daily sugar intake and quality black.

Photo: Milán Medgyesi / WLB

The coffee comes from Warda Coffee Roasters, while the milk is from local farmers and does not contain any additives or preservatives.

Photo: Milán Medgyesi / We Love Budapest

Between 7:30am and 10am, a cup of cappuccino and a doughnut are discounted and cost only 900 forints. Cold pressed fruit juices also feature.

Photo: Milán Medgyesi / WLB

Doughnuts are made fresh daily, hence only three or four flavours are usually available – and they often sell out by early afternoon.


When it comes to the doughnuts, Viki likes to let her fantasy unwind: upon our visit we tried a doughnut with maple syrup and bacon, one with matcha tea and bean cream, but more traditional flavours like chocolate-cherry or blackberry-vanilla also feature. All cost 480 forints.

Photo: Milán Medgyesi / WLB

We didn’t find the doughnuts overly sweetened, the dough was pleasantly light and we were glad to forget about childhood memories when it took at least five bites to find the cream. And for those who have less of a sweet tooth, wraps and grilled sandwiches are also an option.

Photo: Milán Medgyesi / WLB


Badass Coffee & Donut


Address: District XIII. Váci út 114