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7 fascinating Budapest gallery exhibitions for winter 2019

Photo : Péter Rákossy / Deák Erika Gallery

From the diverse integration of geometric shapes jutting out from the canvas to furry Russian art, a number of prominent exhibitions await art lovers across Budapest this winter. View assorted works by Hungarian and international visionaries for no admission fee at these current Budapest gallery shows.

 “Labyrinth” by Péter Ujházi

Photo: Várfok Gallery

With almost two dozen solo exhibitions in the course of his career, Péter Ujházi blossoms once more doing what he knows best: assembling diverse materials to create the kind of whimsical works that have defined his artistic style. Whether it’s the intense use of brushwork on a two-dimensional painting or the wooden applications that make an assemblage come alive, items by Ujházi gradually draw the viewer into an oeuvre that stands out within the local contemporary art scene.


Where: Várfok Gallery – District I. Várfok utca 11

When: Until 12 January, Tue-Sat 11am-6pm

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 “Presence” by Júlia Vécsei

Photo: Kisterem Gallery

The state of being in the present is brought to the fore with this new collection of illustrations and installations by Júlia Vécsei. Taking her own Timeline Drawings series a step further, the artist now demonstrates the passing of a moment through the fusing of geometric forms and anatomical drawings. Lines – horizontal, vertical and diagonal – make the hidden structure of presence visible.


Where: Kisterem Gallery – District V. Képíró utca 5

When: Until 18 January, Tue-Fri 2pm-6pm

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“Body of the Image” by András Ernszt and Péter Somody

Photo: Molnár Ani Gallery

Based in Pécs, abstract artist duo András Ernszt and Péter Somody juxtapose their visions in Budapest for a joint exhibition at the prominent Molnár Ani Gallery. While Ernszt embodies an organic style of expression in his style, what defines art by Somogyi is a more analytical approach, characterised by plain and rudimental forms. The exhibition displays a balance between the abstract and the existing.


Where: Molnár Ani Gallery – District VIII, Bródy Sándor utca 36

When: Until 26 January, Tue-Fri noon-6pm, Sat 11am-5pm

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“Time Wheel” by József Bullás

Photo: Péter Rákossy / Deák Erika Gallery

With a never-ending appetite for pushing the boundaries of repetitive systems, József Bullás creates something that will eventually start vibrating in front of the viewer’s eyes. His take on the most straightforward elements of geometric structures manifests in multidimensional sensations painted by traditional techniques. This exhibition shows emblematic works from the artist’s oeuvre.


Where: Deák Erika Gallery – District VI. Mozsár utca 1

When: Until 26 January, Wed-Fri noon-6pm, Sat 11am-4pm

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“The Vinyl Shop Effect”

Photo: Veronika Szendrő / MyMuseum Gallery

People are inclined to feel an often inexplicable attachment to objects that evoke a (bitter)sweet nostalgia for a former era. This sentiment of the psyche has brought a new group exhibition to life, presenting the underlying beauty of all that’s old. Dilapidated buildings, retro furniture and out-of-date decor, common elements during the Communist era in Hungary, are here presented on photos and digital drawings.


Where: MyMuseum Gallery – District VII. Dohány utca 30A

When: Reopens on 23 January, Wed-Sat 2pm-8pm, Sun 2pm-6pm

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“Visual Philosophy” by Ágnes Dénes

Photo: acb Gallery

The current exhibition at the acb Gallery honours Hungarian-born Ágnes Dénes, an early representative of land art, who lives and works in New York. In her protean artistic endeavours, Dénes has embraced philosophy, mathematics, linguistics, psychology, history, sociology, poetry and music in order to unleash her creativity. Now on view are three prominent series from her oeuvre, showing reshaped pyramids and analytical approaches to our planet. The best-known work by Dénes is Wheatfield – A Confrontation, a project which entailed a field of golden wheat being planted on two acres of rubble-strewn landfill near Wall Street and the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan.


Where: acb Gallery – District VI. Király utca 76

When: Until 1 February, Tue-Fri 2pm-6pm

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“Hippopart” by Rostan Tavasiev

Photo: UVG Gallery

Using cuddly toys to manifest his visions, Russian Rostan Tavasiev is presenting his first solo exhibition to the Budapest audience. In Tavasiev’s world, stuffed animals are the focus, expressing the underlying dualism between a pun and a darker meaning of the composition. The UVG Gallery in the heart of Budapest’s gallery quarter, Falk Miksa utca, is an elegant showcase for Russian creative talent within the contemporary scene.


Where: UVG Gallery – District V. Falk Miksa utca 7

When: Until 17 March, by appointment

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